The For Honor beta took place this weekend and we spent a while playing the game. After a dozen matches, and testing out different characters across the three factions, we cannot wait to play the final game when it releases on 14 February 2017. Here are our For Honor impressions.

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Combat Is fun

Anticipating your opponent’s attack, readying your weapon and counter attack, all this done in realtime – this is what makes For Honor’s combat so great. As we entered a battle we had to first analyze what factions and heroes our opponents were playing as. This would give us a better understanding on how we would need to tackle the fight ahead. Once we confronted our opponent we then had to use every attack we had, as well as predict our opponent’s one to try to block and get around to counter attack. Guarding in the three different positions let us control our defences, but this also meant that our opponent could see how we were blocking, and could attack an opening. This all gives you full control over your hero, while still having fun in a hack and slash-type battle system.

It Looks Great

One of the best things about For Honor is its visuals. The game looks fantastic in every aspect. Each map is unique, and changes depending on the faction war’s current standing. If the Samurais currently control the map, then their emblems and statues will be scattered around the area. Heroes and their equipment have been created in a unique way, that truly captures the essence of the era which it is set in. We could not wait to get enough gold so we could buy a new type of fighter, as their general fight style and unique look was something we had to own.

It Is Balanced

You would think that a game with such fighter diversity could be a bit unbalanced. Not in For Honor – no matter your fighter or your fighting style, you are equally matched in the battlefield. You need to learn your heroes, as they are so unique and have their own stats. Every character we played with was well-rounded. While some felt weaker than others, they made up for it in speed and other stats. Again this all comes down to how you like to fight.

It Caters For Everyone

For Honor might come across as an online-only game, but it is far from it. Everything you can do, you can do with bots. The best thing about this is that the bot battles all contribute to the ongoing faction war. So don’t feel bad if going online to fight online players seems intimidating and you would rather stay offline to fight bots at first. Even if you just feel like having a casual experience, you can just play with A.I bots.

Take a look at all the available heroes below.

For Honor For Honor For Honor

Watch us play a full online match against other players during the For Honor beta below.

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