A few months after it was confirmed by Samsung that it will be recalling and canceling all sales of its Galaxy Note7 devices, the company has released a report detailing what went wrong.

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You may remember that Samsung Galaxy Note7 devices across the world were either exploding or catching fire. Two replacement efforts were made for the Galaxy Note7 devices, with Samsung finally pulling the plug and recalling all the Galaxy Note7 devices.

The Verdict

Samsung has nailed down the issue with the Galaxy Note7 to the obvious: defective batteries.

Galaxy Note7

When it first started to emerge that Note7 devices were catching fire or exploding, a first replacement recall was made by Samsung. During this period, the batteries in the Galaxy Note7 devices made by Samsung SDI were replaced with batteries made by Amperex Technology Ltd. During its investigations, Samsung has now established that both batteries had two separate, but serious defects.

The first Galaxy Note7 battery had a defect in the corner of the battery encasing, which caused negative electrodes to bent, leading to damage. This led to many of the Galaxy Note7 batteries to either explode or catch fire due to short-circuiting caused by the above defect. It was found during the investigation that almost all of the first Samsung Galaxy Note7 batteries had the potential to short-circuit.

The second Galaxy Note7 battery had an entirely different defect, which had the same results – fire or explosion of the device’s battery. In the second Galaxy Note7 devices, it was established that the problem arose during the welding process. Poorly controlled welding at the positive tab to the battery caused friction when the Galaxy Note7 was being charged, which led to certain devices catching fire or exploding.

The Change

After the Note7 disaster, Samsung has recommitted itself to bringing its consumers safe and reliable products. In response to the safety hazards caused by the Note7, Samsung has created an 8-step battery safety checkpoint to avoid future fire risks.

Galaxy Note7

Samsung has also developed multiple safety measures at the product planning phase.

Galaxy Note7

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