We have not played Hearthstone since its release back in 2013. Sure, we spent quite some time with the game at launch, but it was never a staple in our gaming day. After we saw the latest expansion pack release, The Mean Streets of Gadgetzan, we decided to give Hearthstone a second try.

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Our gaming setups have changed since then, and we wanted to test to see how Hearthstone would adapt to our typical gaming day. Let’s just say that Hearthstone still remains one of the best card games you can find, and its versatility across devices, makes it extremely fun and functional anytime, and anywhere.

Addictive Cardplay


One thing that has not changed since the last time we played Hearthstone – its addictive cardplay combat. Hearthstone is an extremely fun experience from the moment the bar doors open, until you get smashed by an AI opponent. The animations and little details that take place during matches are enjoyable, and add such a cool feeling to Hearthstone. While we have not played for a while now, there are new arena skins that look really great.

New Card Tweaks

It did not take us long to realize just how much has changed in the deck building mode. There are now ways to sort your cards into new themes, as well as view the new cards and the standard cards in a separate viewing mode.

Streets Of Gadgetzan

The first major expansion for Hearthstone saw it receive over 130 new cards. It was one of the main reasons why we went back to Hearthstone. We were curious to see just what these cards did, and how they would change the landscape for Hearthstone in the coming year. There are some very good cards we got in our welcome pack. Wickerflame Burnbristle being one of them. This awesome card lets us deal damage to enemy cards, and anything we deal will be given back to our hero as health.


We decided to build a new deck while we had all these cool new cards at our disposal, and the new recipe feature let us create a deck that was pre-made for us by Blizzard. If we were missing cards from that deck, we could just replace that same missing card value with something else. Each hero had its deck we could create, and two other recipes we could choose from. We played around with this creation mode for some time before deciding to go with the Band of Beasts deck as we had 16/30 cards for it, more than any deck we had.


For the cards we did not have at our disposal, we could replace them with recommended cards that had similar effects to the ones we were missing. Although it would have been better if we had the set card for the deck.

New Adventures

Although we were far from ready to tackle online competitive play, we did play a bit of the Solo Adventures which let us play the start of the adventure before buying the rest of it. These games were very fun to experience, and offered a narrative take on the match we were in. Dialogue from the player, and remarks from the opponent, added a fun layer of enjoyment to the usual match.


As we still have far to go before we are champions of Hearthstone, we have to say that the game is still very fun, and we hope to play it on a casual basis as we now have it on our iPhone and notebook, thanks to its versatile client demands. We could see ourselves becoming fully-fledged Hearthstone players very soon.

Have you been playing Hearthstone? Drop us a comment below and let us know.

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