As the first month of the year arrives, so do some great games across various platforms. Kingdom Hearts, a new Dragon Quest port, and PS VR finally releases in SA. Here are your January 2017 games to look forward to.

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Gravity Rush 2 – PS4

Command the immense forces of gravity as Kat faces a new danger threatening to unravel the fabric of the universe in one of the most exciting January 2017 games to be released. Alongside former rival Raven, uncover the secrets behind strange gravitational waves sweeping across Hekseville… as a gravity storm of unprecedented scale approaches. Discover new gravity-bending play styles that can even alter the strength – and direction – of gravity itself as you try to save a vast floating metropolis from total destruction.

Release Date: 18 January 2017

Dragon Quest 8: Journey of a Cursed King – 3DS

A twisted jester has cast an evil spell over the kingdom of Trodain, turning the king into a troll, the princess into a horse and sealing Castle Trodain within enchanted vines! As the Hero, you’ll embark on a journey, recruiting allies along the way, to put a stop to this mischievous maniac and restore the kingdom to normal.

Release Date: 20 January 2017

Resident Evil VII: Biohazard – PS4, PS VR, Xbox One, PC

Menace and isolation sweep through the rotting walls of an abandoned farmhouse in the American South. ‘7’ marks a new beginning for survival horror, and a full model change to the frightening and immersive ‘Isolated View ‘player perspective. Powered by the cutting-edge RE Engine, horror reaches new heights of photorealism so overwhelming you won’t be able to turn away in one of the scariest January 2017 games to be releasing. Enter a terrifyingly new world of horror and survive.

Release Date: 24 January 2017

Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue – PS4

Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue is a compilation of 3 magical Kingdom Hearts experiences featuring a full-HD remastered version of Kingdom Hearts 3D Dream Drop Distance, brought to PlayStation for the first time. Sora and Riku take on the Mark of Mastery exam in preparation for their coming showdown with Master Xehanort. A new HD movie that tells the mysterious story of the Foretellers, connecting the earliest parts of the series’ history, showcased in the mobile title Kingdom Hearts Unchained X. Lastly, a completely new playable episode played from the perspective of Aqua from Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep that links to the story of Kingdom Hearts III.

Release Date: 24 January 2017

Yakuza 0 – PS4

Fight like hell through Tokyo and Osaka with protagonist Kazuma Kiryu and series regular Goro Majima. Play as Kazuma Kiryu and discover how he finds himself in a world of trouble when a simple debt collection goes wrong and his mark winds up murdered. Then, step into the silver-toed shoes of Goro Majima and explore his “normal” life as the proprietor of a cabaret club.

Release Date: 24 January 2017

PS VR Launches in South Africa

The PS VR finally hits shelves on 24 January 2017 and along with it comes all the great VR games we have so longed to play. The VR headset will retail for R6,499 for the standard bundle, and R6,999 for the bundle that includes the PS camera. Here are the games that will release on the 24th along with the headset.

  • Here They Lie
  • Battlezone
  • Driveclub VR
  • EVE: Valkyrie
  • Hustle Kings VR
  • Resident Evil 7 Biohazard
  • RIGS Mechanized Combat League
  • Robinson: The Journey
  • Super Stardust Ultra VR
  • Until Dawn: Rush of Blood
  • VR Worlds
  • Batman VR

Digimon World: Next Order – PS4

The Digimon World series returns to the West with Digimon World: Next Order! An all-new adventure and story awaits! The Digital World is in despair. Machinedramons are running rampant and causing utter chaos… the Digital World needs your help! Explore and traverse the Digital World to solve a digi-mystery. Recruit faithful Digimon companions and meet friends along the way to help you on this epic journey.

Release Date: 27 January 2017

Hitman: The Complete First Season – PS4, Xbox One, PC

Featuring all of the Season One locations and episodes from the Prologue, Paris, Sapienza, Marrakesh, Bangkok, Colorado, and Hokkaido. As Agent 47, you will perform contract hits on powerful, high-profile targets in an intense spy-thriller story across a world of assassination. As you complete missions and contracts new weapons, items and equipment become available for use across all locations. Hitman includes a wealth of content and game modes, catering to long-time fans and new players in equal measure.

Release Date: 31 January 2017

Drop us a comment below to tell us which January 2017 games your most excited to start playing.

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