If recent months have shown anything, it is that streaming and online content is now king in a household. Consumers want to watch online content, be it Netflix, ShowMax, and DSTV Now. What makes the MediaBox so great, is that its powerful internal chips lets it stream fast, play games, and even perform multi-tasking all at the same time. The MediaBox also comes with DSTV Now built into it, as well as SuperSport. Not to mention that for its price tag of R1 999, the MediaBox is a very affordable option when looking at the other Android boxes on the market.

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MediaBox Tech Specs

OS Android 4.4.2 KitKat
Processor 4X ARM Cortex-A7 1.51GHZ
Max Resolution 1080p
Built in Storage 8GB expandable via SD Slot + USB
Ports HDMI/Ethernet/USB x2/AV
Price R1999


Mediabox Review

The MediaBox is as standard as you are going to find. Like the name suggests, the device is a box, and it is pretty small. It has a black top coated in a rubber material to prevent scratches and dust. Underneath it is red with small round bumps that act as feet to support it. The MediaBox’s design is standard, to say the least. The only major difference between say the MyGica range and the MediaBox, is that the Wi-Fi antenna is built into the device, rather than sticking out of it. On the back, you have all the ports needed to function like HDMI, AC, and an Ethernet port, and on the side, there are two USB ports for extended storage and extra media devices. The SD card slot makes expanding the storage space easy, as the 8GB might get taken up faster than you think.

The best part of the design of the MediaBox is that it is small and practical. No extra antennas mean that the MediaBox can fit into tight spots, and the size and weight of the device, fits the purpose. Really, the MediaBox is so light that often it would slide back due to the HDMI cord weighing it down from behind it. The remote that comes bundled with the MediaBox is small and practical. The MediaBox has at most thirteen buttons on it, and a useful mouse cursor option that turns the remote into a motion mouse, so you can easily pretend that your TV is a touch screen device and use the remote to simulate a touch of your finger. The mouse functionality is great, as it really helps navigate through the apps, both built in and games and apps downloaded from the Play Store.


As the device runs a customized version of Android, the home UI of the MediaBox is clean and clutter-free. All the basics apps are laid out on the front page like Netflix, ShowMax, DSTV Now, and more.

There is no way to customize the home screen of MediaBox other than adjusting the wallpaper. It would be nice to have had more control over what icons are displayed there. Many of the built-in apps like Redbull TV, TuneIn, and Vimeo and Magzter can be deleted to free up some space, but the icons still remain on the first page.

Mediabox Review

Seeing as the MediaBox is an Android device, you can do everything on it that you can normally do on an Android device. We instantly went and downloaded Hearthstone as it is the best game to own on an Android device. Although the MediaBox did warn us that it might not run properly due to low hardware, we were surprised to see it was much better than we expected. Sure, it does not beat a PC, but it is a nice way to put your feel up and enjoy a match. Other games like Rayman Adventures and Fishdom, worked like a charm. If you are going to game heavily on it, then we reccomend looking at a third-party controller, as it is a bit tough to master the mouse pointer, especially for games that require fast finger tapping.

When it comes to Netflix and DSTV, streaming was flawless. We signed into our DSTV Premium account, and DTSV Now was packed with content to view. The SuperSport app was the same. The same goes for Netflix and ShowMax. We really cannot complain about the quality of the services, and the hardware powering the MediaBox.


The most attractive part of the MediaBox has to be its simplicity. It would be a box that you buy for your perants who battle to control tech. Everything is there for them when they need it. For someone who knows their way around tech, then the MediaBox is even better as the games and apps you can download, will add hours to the experience. When comparing the Mediabox to a MyGica, they are pretty similar, but the ease of use of the Mediabox, should sway you in its direction.

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Mediabox Review: The Best Local Streaming Device
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