The Logitech MX Master Mouse blends the right amount of work features, with the right amount of gaming features, into a powerful, and pretty spectacular mouse. The MX Master Mouse has quite the list of features and could be one of the best gadgets that Logitech has ever made when it comes to versatility.

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Logitech MX Master Mouse Tech Specs

Sensor 1,600DPI Darkfield Sensor
Scroll Wheel Speed-Adaptive Scroll Wheen
Connectivity Bluetooth
Battery Up to 30 days
Price R2 499


The Logitech MX Master Mouse is more than a simple daily mouse. There is more to the MX Master Mouse than meets the eye, hence the hefty price tag. The speed-adaptive scroll wheel, and the ergonomic design, makes the MX Master Mouse one of the best we have used in all our time reviewing these devices. It is almost perfect. What made the MX Master Mouse so appealing to us, was its superb performance and versatility while being able to handle any task.

MX Master Mouse

The MX Master Mouse is large, but its shape and design fits fantastically in most hands. The extra weight of the MX Master Mouse – coming in at 147 grams – helps keep it in place on the desk, and we found ourselves nudging it less while working around it.

On the left side of the MX Master Mouse, right where our thumb is placed, is the thumb wheel and left and right buttons. The thumb wheel is smooth and the extra buttons on the side never felt in the way. At the bottom, there is a conveniently placed on and off button, as well as a button that lets you change between the devices. One of the best features of the MX Master Mouse, is the ability to link up to three devices. We used the Bluetooth dongle that came with the MX Master Mouse for our PC, and our laptop we just connected through the built-in Bluetooth connection. Quickly tapping between the three settings, instantly changed the connection type of the mouse to and from our registered devices. It was extremely convenient. Pairing was also quick, as all we had to do was hold down the “connect” button, and it just did its thing.

MX Master Mouse

Once connected to our laptop, we installed a program called Logitech Options, which acted as the hub for the MX Master Mouse. It was only once we downloaded this program, that we realized how versatile the MX Master Mouse actually was. You can reassign the entire layout of the mouse, swap buttons around, change the gesture flicks, and even adjust the scroll function. It is like a smart mouse in theory, as it knows what to do depending on the settings, and behaves the way you want it to. After a few minutes in the program, we had our perfect mouse, ready for work and gaming.

The highlight feature of the MX Master Mouse has to be its smart scroll system. The middle scroll button has two modes which you can use to scrolls through pages. The normal bumpy mode that is a bit slow, and the faster mode that releases the bumps on the wheel, and lets it scroll free without any limitations. This super-fast scrolling, in hand with the side scrolling thumb wheel, was a match made in heaven.

Then there is the gesture button, which is a blessing really. Placed on the side under your thumb, this button can either be pressed to perform one action, or you can hold it down and swipe the mouse in various directions to perform tasks which you have assigned to it via the Logitech Options program. Holding it and swiping down, opened up the Windows 10 start bar, while swiping up took us back to the desktop. The amount of quick and easy gestures we could perform, really made getting around Windows much quicker.

With all the extra buttons on the MX Master Mouse, and its extreme 16000DPI, it makes for the perfect gaming companion. We played tons of Heroes of the Storm using the mouse, and we assigned the buttons to our abilities, making it an extremely enjoyable, and convenient way to play the game.

MX Master Mouse


The MX Master Mouse is a monster of a mouse. Its features cover everything you could ever want from a mouse, and there was nothing we really thought it needed. Its 30-day battery life, and ability to change between three device on the go, makes it convenient and versatile for every scenario you will use the MX Master Mouse for. It is one of the best mice we have ever used, and anyone looking for a great companion mouse, this is it.

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Logitech MX Master Mouse Review: For Work And Play
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