The popular Pokemon mobile game saw a surge in renewed enthusiasm when Niantic Inc. started rolling out Pokemon GO events. The first few Pokemon GO events were themed around real holidays, increasing their appeal to everyone in the festive mood.

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Previous Pokemon GO events included a Halloween event, which saw the increase in more spooky Pokemon. Other Pokemon GO events included Christmas and New Years events.


Those Trainers trying to fill up their Pokedexes are itching for the Pokemon to be released that haven’t been released yet. Using one of the Pokemon GO events to release the sought after Mew and Mewtwo would be ideal as Ditto was released during last year’s Thanksgiving event.

Valentine’s Day Event

Niantic Inc. could use the day of love to spread some love to its dedicated Trainers with giving them Pokemon GO events with lots of bonuses. We could see a Pokemon GO Valentine’s event where a certain type of Pokemon spawn more or candies could be doubled, the possibilities are endless.

Gen 2 Pokemon

Trainers have been anticipating 100s of new Gen 2 Pokemon to be released in the popular mobile game. We saw Niantic Inc. use one of the festive Pokemon GO events to release the Baby Pokemon. It would make perfect sense for the next generation of Pokemon to be released during one of the Pokemon GO events.

Bird Pokemon GO Events

Many of the Legendary Pokemon are bird type Pokemon. If Niantic Inc. wanted to release these creatures into the mobile game, it would be ideal to use one of its Pokemon GO events to mark the occasion. The Legendary Pokemon that still need to be added to the mobile game, include Articuno, Moltres, and Zapdos.

Easter Event

One of the Pokemon GO events we’d love to see this year is an Easter event. It wouldn’t even be difficult to decide what should be the focus of the event, as eggs is a no-brainer. This event could see Trainers hatching eggs faster than usual or hatching more rare Pokemon from eggs.

Which Pokemon GO events are you keen on for the future? Drop us a comment below and let us know.

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