Harry Potter fans have been known to make the magical world created by JK Rowling come alive. You can do Harry Potter yoga, attend a real life Hogwarts and now there is an official British Quidditch Premier League.

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The news of the Quidditch Premier League came just before the launch of the latest magical cinematic experience, Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them.

The League will feature eight teams from around Britain, consisting of:

  • The London Monarchs,
  • The Southwest Broadside,
  • The Southeast Knights,
  • The Eastern Mermaids,
  • The Northern Watch,
  • The Yorkshire Roses,
  • The East Midland Archers, and
  • The Midland Revolution.

In April the Quidditch Premier League teams will hold their regional tryouts where the 30 best Quidditch players will be chosen to form a team’s 2017 Quidditch Premier League roster. 21 players from the 30 will be selected to play in the Quidditch Premier League fixtures set to start in July 2017 and end in August 2017.

The Quidditch Premier League was inspired by the success of Major League Quidditch in the United States.

Each of the regional Quidditch Premier League fixtures will consist of two teams competing against each other in three matches. The Quidditch Premier League will end off with a championship weekend, where all the teams will come together to crown the winning team.

Each of the Quidditch Premier League fixtures will feature seven Quidditch players on each team, consisting of a keeper, a seeker, three chasers and two beaters. The Quidditch Premier League follows the four maximum rule, which requires that no more than four Quidditch players of the same gender may be on a team at the same time.

If you’re still unsure how the game of Quidditch will work during the League, take a look below.

Quidditch Premier League

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