One of the scariest games of 2017 is around the corner. Resident Evil VII: Biohazard is releasing on 24 January and we cannot wait to sink our teeth into one of our most anticipated games of the year. With Resident Evil VII being so open with its story and characters, we thought we would give you the low-down on the game with a guide about everything you need to know about Resident Evil VII.

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A Brand New Experience And Story

For the first time in the Resident Evil series, the game has moved away from the original characters in the series. Resident Evil VII takes places four years after the events of Resident Evil 6, in a location never touched on by the series before, Louisiana.

You take on the role of Ethan, a man who is searching for his wife after she supposedly gets abducted by a hillbilly family called The Baker Family. His search has taken him to a mysterious village where he hopes to find her. From what you can gather already, Resident Evil VII’s plot has been simplified and is completely different from anything in the series’ past. Previous games saw us take on the role of agents as we worked towards stopping a worldwide mutation outbreak from happening. Umbrella Corp were always behind these strange events, and this time things are very different.

Resident Evil VII Is Going Back To The Beginning

Resident Evil VII has gone back to its original roots. Back when the first three games released, the series focused on deep exploration, horror, and puzzles. The same can be said for Resident Evil VII. The game’s strong emphasis on exploration, survival horror, and puzzle solving, will make it one of the best experiences to date. You will need to explore every room you enter, interact with objects, and find ways to solve the various puzzles that await in the different locations.

It Will Be Scary

From what we already know from the Resident Evil VII demo we played last year, the game is extremely scary, and the full game will be no different. Every bullet counts when you attempt to kill an enemy.

The first person experience of Resident Evil VII also adds to the fear factor vibe, as you cannot see what’s behind you, and you cannot predict what is coming next to you as your field of view is limited to a first person angle. Expect lots cannibalism, crazy people who want to kill you, and the Baker family, who are the main antagonists in Resident Evil VII. Often you will come into contact with them and killing them will not be possible. You will rather have to run and hide as you pray they don’t find you.

There Are Weapons

Do not fear, as scary as Resident Evil VII will be, there will be ways to defend yourself. You will come across guns and melee weapons that will help you fight off the enemies, and later on you will find ways to upgrade your gear and weapons to enhance Nathan. More health, larger clip sizes, and damage increases will benefit your player.

You Can Play The Entire Game In VR

Looking to get a PS VR anytime soon? Well Resident Evil VII will be the first game to be fully playable in PS VR from start to finish. The game’s survival horror aspects, and intense scares will be best experienced in VR.

Resident Evil VII is out on 24 January for PS4, PS VR, Xbox One, and PC.

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