At CES 2017, Samsung was the first major TV manufacturer to show off its latest new range of TVs. The brand new range of displays are part of the companies new “Q” series, and like the title says, it stands for the new display which is built into the TV, the QLED.

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The Q range is not just a fancy set of TVs, the new range of TVs do much more than they seem. The QLED display uses quantum dot technology to emit light up to double the that of an OLED. An OLED display goes up to 1000 nits, while the new QLED displays can reach double that at 2000 nits. Samsung seems to be staying in the curved TV department, with two of the three new QLED displays being curved. Both the Q7 and Q8 are curved, while the Q9 is a flat display. The QLED display also greatly improved viewing angles up to 50%, this means that the TV will be vieweable from nearly every angle in the lounge. Well, obvously not behind it, but you get the point.

Samsung QLED

One of the major design factors behind the Q range is the unique stands that come with the QLED display. The Q8 comes on an easel design, so say goodbye to your TV stand as the TV stands by itself with no added support other than the easel. All the cabling and wires then travel up through one of the easel’s support pillars, form a clean setup. The Q7 comes with a swivel stand, so you can rotate the TV around. The star of the QLED range, however, has to be the Q9 which features a brand new mounting system that puts the TV flush against the wall with next to no gap between the TV and the wall. Simplicity redefined if you ask us.

Another important thing to note, is that the QLED range comes with Samsung’s brand new Samsung One Connect box. You plug everything into the box, like you PS4, DSTV decoder, sound system etc.. That box will then have a thin fiber-optic cable running out of it that will send all the signal from everything you plugged into it, directly to the TV. This fiber wire is so thin, that it is almost invisible.

Samsung QLED

Although we don’t know the price of the new QLED range, expect them to cost a good R400k. We will have more on CES as the event unfolds.

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