Early this month during CES we got a glimpse at some of the most advanced tech to ever come out smart automobiles. Soon we will be driving around in electronic cars, and perhaps not even driving ourselves, rather sitting in a car that drives itself. Here are some of the most interesting electronic and smart cars that are currently in prototype, that will change the vehicle landscape forever.

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Toyota FCV Plus

Smart Cars

We might be a few years away from this beautiful car, but what Toyota is trying to achieve here needs to be appreciated. The FCV Plus is being designed to run off a hydrogen fuel cell that is able to generate electricity straight from the water in the car’s engine. This battery is being designed to be functional in the car, as well as outside the car in your household.  Charge the battery while driving, and when you get home, plug it into your house power grid, and power your electronics at home.

Ford Sync 3

Smart Cars

We covered the awesome features of the Ford Sync 2 in 2016, but it seems that the car company has big plans for its next installment in the dashboard interface and its smart cars for the future. Ford Sync 3 will come with brand new features such as enhanced voice recognition that will let you ask for directions, browse phone contacts, and even select a radio station by talking to the car. The new touchscreen features will let you get around the menus faster, and it will also introduce Android Auto into the smart cars so you can use Google’s in-car system.

BMW AirTouch 3D

Smart Cars

If BMW was not fancy enough, its latest UI features available in the new BMW 7 Series will see you waving your hands around to control a tablet-like display that lets you control your car’s entertainment system. You can call and, choose music, increase and decrease volume, and much more. The best thing about it, is that it is pretty big, but at the same time it is not a touch screen, rather it senses your fingers as you move them across the air, and the UI navigation is controlled through gestures.

Nissan Leaf

Smart Cars

If there is anything we hate about driving, it’s driving on the highway. The new Nissan Leaf will make use of Nissan’s ProPilot feature that will see it drive in a single lane automatically on the highway. The Nissan ProPilot feature is already something to be amazed at as the feature is able to scan the surroundings using image-processing and this lets it understand road and traffic situations, and control the smart cars according to this.

Nvidia’s Self Driving Car

Nvidia might be the leading graphics card and PC hardware manufacturer, but the company is very hard at work developing self-driving smart cars, sensor technology for cars of the future. Nvidia has partnered with Audi to develop fully self-driving smart cars by 2020. These smart cars will be the most self-aware cars on the market, as well as be able to drive on side roads and the highway.

Electronic and smart cars are sure to change the way we drive and even use car insurance in the future and we’re excited about this journey. Let us know what you hope to see from electronic and smart cars in the future.

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