Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is the first standalone Star Wars movie since Disney acquired the rights from Lucasfilm. The movie is set between the events after Revenge Of The Sith and before A New Hope and is all about the Rebel Alliance, amongst other things. Seeing as the movie focuses heavily on the Rebellion, it comes as no surprise that Rogue One has Star Wars Rebels references throughout.

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If you’re a fan of Star Wars Rebels you probably already noticed easter eggs and references in Rogue One like the Chopper at the rebel base on Yavin 4, The Ghost flying with the rebel fleet and calls for General Syndulla. But there are some other cool Star Wars Rebels content throughout Rogue One, with a standalone animated series following the war-weary rebel, Saw Gerrera set for release later this month which will be voiced by Forest Whitaker.

Lucasfilm Story Group’s Matt Martin explained to what the Star Wars Rebels references, influences and easter eggs are in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

In general, from a Story Group POV, can you talk about the mindset and strategy of bringing Star Wars Rebels elements into Rogue One, and vice versa.

Matt Martin: We’re very committed to the idea of the shared continuity across all Star Wars storytelling in all media, so knowing that Rogue One and Star Wars Rebels take place around the same point on the timeline, and both involve the early Rebel Alliance, it just seemed like a natural fit to make those connections. And it’s a reciprocal thing; elements of Rogue One could naturally find their way back into Star Wars Rebels. We obviously had to be mindful of not spoiling Star Wars Rebels since that story is set in the years before the film, but the restraints can come off a bit when working on Star Wars Rebels in this capacity. This is only the second movie since the formation of the Story Group and this unified story world, so it almost feels like Rogue Onew was a coming-out party of sorts. Star Wars Rebels and Rogue One are all just the start of a larger strategy that we’re all very passionate about.

Fans were very excited picking up on the Star Wars Rebels easter eggs. The Ghost with the rebel fleet, Chopper on-screen, General Syndulla on the PA. Why do you think it’s so meaningful to fans?

Matt Martin: Don’t forget those Hammerhead Corvettes! If it wasn’t for the Star Wars Rebels team, the Rebellion would never have had those Hammerheads and wouldn’t have been victorious in that one big objective in the final act of the film. Point is, the Rogue One mission was supported by the Ghost crew!

But to your question, the obvious answer is just the superficial idea that it’s fun to see familiar things that you love in something new, but I think with Star Wars fans, it’s more than that. Fans feel a deep connection to Star Wars stories and characters, and to many fans all Star Wars stories, regardless of medium, are equal. So fans love Star Wars Rebels the same way that they love the films, and seeing those two things coming together is just an incredible experience for everyone.

Have you seen Rogue One yet and were you able to catch all the Star Wars Rebels references? Let us know in the comments section below if you’re a fan of Rogue One or Star Wars Rebels or both.

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