Every year, GE sends photographers, filmmakers and other artists around the world to document its technology in action. 2016 was no different. Pilot and photographer Adam Senatori flew to the Farnborough International Airshow to photograph the world’s latest and largest planes, Chris New went inside GE’s brand-new 3D-printing factory, and lensman and musician Ruben Wu visited America’s first offshore wind farm off the coast of Rhode Island. Take a look at some of the best 2016 technology photos.

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All of the technology photos tell an innovative story. GE has definitely shown that it takes technology seriously in 2016 with many advancements in different fields like power, aviation, healthcare, etc. The technology photos show off how GE has been able to stay ahead of the game with some of the images looking like they are right from a Stanley Kubrick movie.

Certain technology photos stand out for us, like the image of Lara Crouch, who is an occupational health nurse at GE’s locomotive plant in Fort Worth, Texas. Another one of our favourite technology photos is of the piece by artist Claudia Meyer. The talented artist makes paintings, sculptures, installations and even furniture from turbine blades, massive springs from bullet trains, blueprints, and other discarded industrial parts at her studio located in a GE factory in Paris, France.

GE is set to have another successful year in all of its ventures in 2017. Based on the best GE technology photos from 2016, we’re even more keen to see what innovative ideas the company comes up with this year.

Let us know in the comments section below which of the technology photos you love the most.

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