iPhone owners need certain basic accessories to help them get the most out of their devices.

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Good Case

An iPhone owner needs a case. A good case is important, but at the same time you want to leave your device as sexy as possible so it still feels like an iPhone.

iPhone Owners

There is one case we recommend for iPhone owners, and that is the TENC Self-Healing Case. This case is made from special materials that can heal small scratches on the case itself. As you bump and scratch the case, it will automatically repair the damage done. If only the case could repair scratches on the iPhone itself. We guess we are a few years away from that.

Available at phonecases.co.za

Power Bank

While the iPhone has a great battery, it can get drained quickly after heavy use. That is why we carry a power bank with us everywhere we go, sometimes even two. Power banks come in all shaped and sizes, and have different batteries. It all depends on what iPhone you have, how reliable its battery is, and how much extra juice you need.

Pokemon GO Level 40


We recommend that iPhone owners get the Romoss brand. There’s a wide range of power banks that will suit your needs, at a decent price too. Anything from a 5200mAh, to a 10000mAh power band will be under R500. If you want a little color in your life, then you can grab an awesome PokeBall power bank for R350 at TakeAlot, to go along with all your Pokémon GO adventures.

Romoss Range Available at Takealot.com

Extra Charging Cable

You will need a cable to go along with your power bank, as many of them don’t come with iPhone. When it comes to iPhone charging cables, it is important not to go on the cheap end, as many of them don’t output the correct voltage, and will charge your device very slowly and could damage your iPhone’s battery. Many of them also have only charging output, so you will not be able to use them for data and charge at the same time.

iPhone Accessories

The coolest chargers you can get are the magnetic ones that clip onto your charging port on your iPhone. They come in two parts and one goes into your device as normal, while the cable has a detachable magnetic holder that clips on and off your device when charging. No wires pulling from your device. This retails for R499. You can also go for the standard Apple charging/sync cable for R200

Wsken Magnetic X-Cable Available at Takealot.com

Apple Charging Cable available at Takealot.com

Screen Protector

An iPhone screen replacement will set you back anything between R1 500 and R3 000, so best protect that screen. Glass screen protectors are great, but there is the same healing material in a new range of protectors on the market. This means that if you scratch your screen protector, it could heal itself and look brand new.

iPhone Accessories

The TENC protectors are also much cheaper than tempered glass, but again it all depends on the personal preference of iPhone owners. If you want to go with the glass option, there are dozens to choose from.

iPhone 7 Tempered Glass Protector Available at iStore

TENC Self-Healing Screen Protector Available at phonecases.co.za

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