For Honor launched yesterday. If you are new to the game, or need some help to hit the ground running, then we have some essential For Honor tips that will really help you dominate the first hours of the game.

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Start Off With Bots

At first, the game might seem intimidating, and for a good reason. One of our For Honor tips are that you wait to dive right into PvP and face off against other players and their intense skills. Rather, take a step back and enter a match against AI in Free Mode.

This mode will let you play any game mode, and set up the game the way you want with bot difficulty, maps, timer, and even your character skills tweaks. The best thing about this mode is that you still earn XP while playing it, and you can get the hang of the maps, and each character before you hit up online play.

Don’t Rush To Buy New Characters

We learned a lot of For Honor tips while playing the closed beta. One thing we regret doing in the beta is heading directly into the store and purchasing a new character before we even tested out the ones that come unlocked in the first place. Rather take it easy and get the hang of all three starter characters before you do that.

Trust us, while playing the game, you will realize what you are missing, and what character could fill the void for you. This way you know who to go with to fill this need.

Master The Combo System And Don’t Spam

Many people don’t know this, but For Honor is not a hack and slash game where spamming buttons will help you. The game uses a tactical system that takes into account your attack planning and how you will approach each character that you are facing.

Some characters like Nobushi are fast, and require a quicker attack plan than say a slower character like Orochi. One of our essential For Honor tips are to get to know characters. When you come face to face with a character, learn their moves, and read them so you know how to face off against them. Use the guard system that lets you parry certain attacks if you guard in the correct position, and wait for an opening to slice your opponent to the ground. Combos are key, but they also take time to complete, which leaves you open for attack and parry.

Dodge, Fake And Play Mind Games

Another one of our For Honor tips is to play mind games with your opponent. Dodge left and right, and fake attacks while in the process of executing them. Heavy attacks can be canceled especially by pressing the circle button/B. This means that an opponent could be trying to block as he can see an attack coming in, and  you can cancel your heavy attack and quickly slice him with a light one from another direction.

If you are too predictable with your fakes and dodges, then you might be in for a beating. Remember, your opponents are also playing the same mind game as you are, so you have to try to be better than them.

Forget Everything And Have Fun In 4V4

If you are not in the mood for sweaty duels, then you can jump into a 4V4 match which is just a ton of fun battling around in a control-like arena. The game mode sees you and three other players fight over three points on the map.

Are you playing For Honor? Drop us a comment and let us know if you have any For Honor tips for us.

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