Horizon Zero Dawn is less than a week away, and this PS4 exclusive is amazing. If you are picking up the game when it launches on 01 March 2017, then you might be a bit overwhelmed by the sheer magnitude of the world around you. Well do not fear, as the game’s world is one of its biggest strengths, and there is so much to see and do in it.

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With so much going on in Horizon Zero Dawn, we’ve hooked you up with a handy starter guide.

Climb A Tallneck

These mechanical creatures are the tallest Horizon Zero Dawn, and they give you a good view of your surroundings. They’re also part of a set of side quests that you have to complete. In order to complete it, you will need to climb up every one of these beautiful marvels in the game.

Horizon Zero Dawn

It is a one of a kind experience, really. When you get to the top, don’t feel bad if you just want to sit back and take in all the beauty that Horizon Zero Dawn has to offer. Listen to the wind blowing through the air, and the footsteps of the Tallneck slamming into the ground beneath you.

Override A Machine

A little while into the game, Aloy gets the ability to override machines and take control of them. One of these machines is the Strider, which is like a horse-cow sort of creature. Sneaking up to it lets you override it, and once you have done so, you can then mount it and ride it around.

Horizon Zero Dawn

Without giving too much away, there are other machines that can also be overridden. Each of these have certain abilities and features that will help you in Horizon Zero Dawn. Wherever you can, make sure you override as many machines as possible. You will be surprised to see what they can all do.

Explore The World On The Back Of A Strider

Once you have mastered the override tool, find a Strider and hack it. You will find that the Strider makes for an awesome companion in the early parts of Horizon Zero Dawn, as it is fast and can get around much quicker than Aloy. It can also attack by kicking its hooves at enemies, so it becomes a combat weapon too.

Horizon Zero Dawn

If you need to get somewhere quick, make sure to override one. There is really nothing as fulfilling as galloping through the grassy fields with Aloy’s hair blowing in the wind.

Craft Satchels

Crafting bigger satchels will let you carry more resources, ammo, and mods. One of the most important satchels to upgrade to first is the resource satchel, as you will need all the resources you can get your hands on, in order to sell them for shards and progress your inventory.

Horizon Zero Dawn

Before you know it you will not be able to pick up an old-world treasure that will sell for a good 200 shards. This is when you will be forced to head into your inventory and edit something to make space. Save yourself the hassle of not having enough ammo, and do this early on in Horizon Zero Dawn.

Know Your Machines

Combat in Horizon Zero Dawn is extremely fun, but you need to know what works and what doesn’t for each machine. The different weapons Aloy have, will affect different machines in various ways, and each machine has weak spots and is vulnerable to different attacks.

Horizon Zero Dawn

To master these machines, you will need to scan them using your Force with the R3 button. Once that is done, you can read up on that said machine in the notebook section. Here you will see what part of the machine is weak to what element, and what part your should aim for when trying to take it down. The Watcher for example has a weak spot on its eye, where the Strider has a blaze canister on its back that will explode if ignited with fire arrows. Master your machines for the best ways to kill them.

Are you looking forward to Horizon Zero Dawn? Let us know in the comments below.

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