Take a stellar cast, brilliant visuals, and a well-written script, and you have a masterpiece. The LEGO Batman Movie is just that. The LEGO Batman movie is a fine piece of CGI art, combined with fantastic voice-over work, and a story that puts other animations to shame.

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Director Chris McKay
Cast Will Arnett, Zach Galifianakis
Rating PG
Genre Animation
Running Time 1 Hours 44 Mins.

The LEGO Batman movie is made up of some rather talented voice artists. Will Arnett stars as the egocentric LEGO Batman, with Zach Galifianakis voicing The Joker. As the intro rolls in, Batman is doing what we all love in LEGO films and games – being over the top with sly, sometimes with obvious jokes. Immediately the LEGO Batman movie breaks into song with a very catchy Batman tune. We can expect this to have the same effect as the LEGO Movie’s “Everthing is Awesome” tune, once more people see theLEGO Batman movie, as it is excellently written. As the tune plays out, the main characters of the LEGO Batman movie are introduced, and we get a grasp of what is going on. Joker and Batman are having another feud, but this time it is different as Batman lays down the law that Joker means nothing to him, and never will. Batman in this film’s perspective is an extremely arrogant character, and proves that he does not need anyone or anything, just fame.

LEGO Batman Movie Review

In order to prove Batman wrong, The Joker sets out for his most dastardly plan yet – getting caught and finding a way into the Phantom Zone, whihc is an area heavily focused on in the LEGO Dimensions game. The Phantom Zone is where all the evillest of evil villains are housed, and plays a vital role in the pace of the LEGO Batman movie. Without spoiling it for you, Warner Bros. went through much effort to include some of the most iconic character from various licensed films like Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings. These appearances were a cherry on top of the already plenty of cameos we saw in the LEGO Batman movie. It was eye candy, to say the least as every new scene had a new DC character, or something from some sort of pop culture world in it, and it was fantastic to experience.

LEGO Batman Movie Review

Along the way, Batman finds his loneliness, and must come to terms with his lack of family. There are some scenes that left us with goosebumps as we gave into the brilliant camera work, soundtrack, and emotional influences. We fell in love with characters we just met, and could not wait to see what they did next.

LEGO Batman Movie Review

Being a LEGO Batman movie, there was so much to see on screen at one time, that it was hard to keep up. Everyhing is LEGO, from the fire burning in Bruce Wayne’s mansion, to the dozens of outfits that Batman has. Throughout the film, we were taken back at how genius it all was, and how it all looked. This then went in hand with the great comedy of the film. Sure, it is not without its cringe moments, but the LEGO Batman movie never loses focus on the true love behind Batman’s history. Dialogue that refers to Batman fighting the Joker for 80 years, and flashbacks to the live action films we have all watched way back from the 80s. If you are a Batman fan, and love geek culture, then the film knows just what buttons to push to make you laugh

Gold Award


The LEGO Batman movie is fantastic, and caters for both the younger audience, and older ones. The sheer amount of love put into it, and its fan-love-letter direction, is something rare. We highly recommend you grab a young one, and head to the movies soon to see this.

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LEGO Batman Movie Review
Great use of charactersAwesome to look atSo funny
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