Nintendo has been on a roll releasing successful and fun mobile games like Pokémon GO, Fire Emblem Heroes and Super Mario Run was released last year for iPhone users. With Mario Run you were finally able to pursue Princess Peach from your palm.

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If you haven’t played Mario Run, or you’ve given up on this mobile twist on a classic game, then maybe these 5 reasons might convince you to go back.

Nostalgic Gold

Mario Run is the perfect mobile game for anyone who grew up playing the classic Super Mario games.

The Mario Run mobile game has a bunch of cute references to the classic runner and fans are sure to spot a ton of items or characters that will take them back to the glory 8-bit days of gaming. But Mario Run doesn’t look retro or rehashed, rather this mobile game has beautiful graphics, familiar sounds and fun gameplay that allows players to experience Mario in new, yet familiar way.

Easy Gameplay

Mario Run doesn’t take a ton of skill or brain power to play. You basically just need to avoid falling down a pit or being knocked over by enemies like turtles. You’re obviously constantly chasing coins too and there is the goal to find precious Princess Peach, meaning there are a ton of fun, yet easy ways to play Mario Run.

There are different modes to play Mario Run in – World Tour, Toad Rally, and Kingdom Builder. World Tour is the most familiar mode in Mario Run where you run along collecting coins. Toad Rally is a little more interesting and new and sees you competing against the performance of other players, making the fun a little more challenging and social in Mario Run. Kingdom Builder is pretty self-explanatory. This mode allows you to build your own Mushroom Kingdom in Mario Run, choosing from 100 different buildings and elements.

Reasons To Return

Rewards like coins and progressing in the game makes returning to Mario Run a regular compulsion. You also compete against other players’ performance in Toad Rally mode, which is motivation enough to keep returning to the mobile game.

Because of the easy and addictive gameplay, you can play Mario Run anywhere anytime, making it one of the go-to mobile game to have installed on your iPhone.

Mario Runs By Himself

Mario Run is completely optimised for mobile and you don’t need to constantly be tapping buttons or the touch screen. One major help is that Mario runs automatically, so all you need to do is tap for him to jump and pull off some sick moves.

Because Mario Run was created with mobile screens in mind, the game is easily played in horizontal mode, with one hand.

Unlock Other Characters

Mario is obviously the star of Mario Run, but you’re able to unlock other characters as well.

As you progress through Mario Run you’re able to unlock these familiar characters:

  • Luigi: Mario’s brother can be unlocked when you build a house for him in Kindom Builder mode.
  • Princess Peach: While Mario is always trying to save Princess Peach, she seems to be doing ok by herself and you can even play with her as a character by herself in Mario Run.
  • Toad: If you sign into Mario Run using your Nintendo Account, you’ll be able to unlock Toad as a playable cjharacter.
  • Toadette
  • Yoshi

Super Mario Run

Are you still playing Super Mario Run or thinking of starting off? Drop us a comment below and let us know what you think.

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