The Resident Evil video game series and the live-action film series has had one thing in common over the past fear years – its gradual downgrade in quality. Although the latest Resident Evil 7: Biohazard game proves to be a worthy successor in the series, and a nice reboot in a great new direction. The same cannot be said for the final chapter in the movie series. Cliché characters, terrible plot holes, and an overly-cheesy direction, makes the final Resident Evil movie feel like a much-needed end to the movie series.

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Director Paul W. S. Anderson
Cast Milla Jovovich, Iain Glen, Ali Larter, Shawn Roberts, Ruby Rose
Rating PG18
Genre Action/Horror
Running Time 1 Hours 46 Mins.

Emerging from the sewers in a barren wasteland, Milla Jovovich’s character Alice, immediately takes center stage in the new Resident Evil movie. After a brief introduction to the past events in the previous chapters, The Final Chapter kicks off with an intense action scene after Alice discovers a Popkarimu, a throwback to an enemy from the Resident Evil 5 video game. Resident Evil: The Final Chapter is not short of its action, as the film carries its weight throughout. From what starts out as a “jump scare” festival in the beginning of the film, slowly becomes an explosion of fire and stuttering camera shots. Resident Evil: The Final Chapter makes a great action movie, but not so much a good Resident Evil movie. From the first action scene, Milla Jovovich manages to capture the essence of the Alice we love so much. Her charisma and sex appeal gives Alice one of the strongest, if not only role in the film to actually make a dent with any sort of character development at all.

Resident Evil

The Red Queen instructs Alice to return to The Hive, as there is an airborne anti-virus that will save the last four-thousand-odd humans left on the planet. As Alice ventures back into Raccoon City, she is captured by Umbrella, and after a few intense kick-and-punch scenes, gets away. The true Resident Evil feeling of the film dies right after this scene as Alice meets Clair Redfield (Ali Larter) and it is downhill from there. The group of survivors that Alice meets in Raccoon City need to work together to help fight off an oncoming threat in the form of a zombie army. A few stunts, fire deaths, and terrible supporting

A few stunts, fire deaths, and terrible supporting cast, make it very cringy. Resident Evil loses it’s basis faster than the T-Virus can infect a person. Sure the action is on point, but any sort of interest you had with the characters, if you had any to start with, dies away as they become just another statistic in the billions of infected zombies. The actors that we love like Ruby Rose (Orange is the New Black) go under the radar, and the Resident Evil movie underutilized them. There was an opportunity to really grow on the audience, but it did not happen.

Resident Evil

The supporting cast from Raccoon City are dull, and mean nothing, even though Resident Evil: The Final Chapter tries very hard to create some sort of relationship between them all. It all becomes very cliché and predictable, if not even sad and pathetic. The final showdown is a fight that takes place in a very familiar location, which pays tribute to the first film. But it still did not manage to make any sort of dent on us at all. No fight with Albert Wesker, and nothing really to climax to at the end. The worst part at the end has to be the poor plot ties that Resident Evil: The Final Chapter tries very hard to put together. It becomes overly-complicated, and after a while feels like they took the shattered story and scrapped some sort excuse of an ending together that makes no sense, and is a poor execution in general.


Resident Evil: The Final Chapter is not a good film at all. It’s cringe-worthy, poorly edited, and there is nothing to love and so much to hate. It makes for a high-budget CGI action experience, but that is it. All we can do is be thankful that it is the last one.

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Resident Evil: The Final Chapter Review
Some great action scenes
Terrible actingPlot holesCheesy moments
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