The Nintendo Switch is set to release in South Africa on 03 March 2017. Everyone’s pretty excited to get their hands on this exciting new modular console from Nintendo. The Nintendo Switch is a portable/console hybrid that makes use of a 6.3-inch touch screen display, as well as a dock that outputs images onto your TV when you are at home. The Joy-Con controllers have motion sensors built into them, so you can use them like a Wii remote

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There are a few reasons to buy the new Nintendo Switch when it releases next week, but these are the top features that make the console so appealing to get.

Exclusive Nintendo Switch Games

Although the modular design of the Nintendo Switch is one of its biggest selling points, the exclusive games are also very appealing to Nintendo fans. New Legend of Zelda and Mario games have already been confirmed. Other games you’ll be able to play on the Nintendo Switch include titles such as Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Splatoon 2, and Xenoblade 2.

Unique Gaming Experience

Nintendo has always been brave with attempting unorthodox ideas. The Nintendo Switch hopes to provide gamers with all the comforts of couch gaming, while being able to play games on-the-go.

Cool Controllers

The Nintendo Switch has a cool set of controllers known as the Joy-Con. These tiny little devices have haptic feedback vibrators in them, that let you feel the slightest movements in your hands. For example, a box of metal balls can be replicated in your hands with the Joy-Con. As you move around the controllers, you will feel the balls hit the side of the box, and when you quickly flick your hand up, you can feel the balls lift in the air and fall down.

Nintendo Switch

We are excited to see what Nintendo has in store to make use of the cool feature, and which games will utilize it the best.

New Hardware From Nintendo

The Nintendo Switch is the first console from Nintendo in a few years. Fans are especially excited about the Nintendo Switch because it feels like an NES that can be played anywhere. With the Nintendo Switch’s portable mode, you can immediately pause your game, pull out the Nintendo Switch gamepad, which is a 6.2-inch LED display, and carry on your game anywhere you want. The Switch’s screen is the entire console itself, so unlike the Wii U, the screen does not need the base console to function.

The Joy-Con controllers are smaller than ever, replicating the classic NES feeling. The portable mode also lets you experience this unique gaming feeling while using the kickstand at the back to prop your screen up on the table in front of you, or even slide the Joy-Con onto the sides of the screen to create a larger handheld gaming device.

Are you interested in getting a Nintendo Switch or are you going to give this console a skip? Drop us a comment below and let us know what your thoughts are on the Nintendo Switch.

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