There seldom comes a beta that we completely finish from start to end. We played so many over the past month like Nioh, and For Honor, but Wildlands is something very exciting. We were so addicted to the game, that when we finished the entire beta location, left with nothing to do, we were sad.

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Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Wildlands took us to Bolivia, to a breathtaking open world where we were free to do anything we wanted. Head into a town overrun by gangs, kill them all, and escape in style using their own helicopter they left for us. Take the same helicopter and jump out above another base as we parachuted right into the enemy’s location. While we were not acting the fool in main missions, we spent our time stealing planes and delivering them to our rebel base for resources that we needed to level up our skills.

Our favorite part of all of this was, that it was co-op. This meant that we could play the entire Wildlands with friends, and all their habits added so much flavor to an already scrumptious dish. The game mechanics in Wildlands work together in co-op. If one of us scanned an enemy using our drone, we would all see it on our screen. This way we could target enemies, and discuss who would take down which enemy. When one of us were seen by an enemy and our silent approach was compromised, only that one player who was seen would be targeted. This meant we could carry on taking enemies down one by one, while the fire was focused on the player who was seen first.It’s a genius system that works very well in Wildlands.

You can even play Wildlands alone as the game’s difficulty changes depending on the amount of players that are in the mission. It also means that you can direct your focus on different skill areas in the game. The skill tree offers upgrades. As you explore the world, you will find weapon parts that will give your set guns the upper hand in combat. You can also get intel from NPCs on these locations of the weapon parts, so you can find them at will. We went for an assault class, and focused on hip fire and the damage of hip fire. Our friend was a sniper who increased the accuracy while aiming down sites, as well as drone improvements so he could scan enemies in the distance.

There were tons of missions in the Wildlands beta we loved, and even though many of them were padded sandbox content, we enjoyed doing them regardless. It is typical Ubisoft love, and we enjoy mindlessly getting lost in the worlds created. Bolivia is gorgeous, and we cannot wait to see the rest of it and the other 20 ecosystems that are housed in the massive open world.

All we know now is that Wildlands is looking to be a stellar experience. One that you will be playing for hundreds of hours. We think that our character that we create will slowly grow on us, and we will love them as we invest time in the game and the activities. For now, watch a mission we did where we sneaked into a base and stole a helicopter full of resources.

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands releases on 07 March 2017 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Who’s keen to play it?

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