Electricity supply plays a critical role in the economic development of a country. The production of all goods and services, as well as infrastructure, depends on a reliable and sustainable supply of electricity. GE’s innovative power solutions play a critical role in providing Ghana with the stable power supply it needs to grow and develop, both economically and socially.

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But, Ghana’s power generation capacity has come under severe pressure in recent years and limited access to electricity could hinder the country’s development if left unresolved.

GE will supply a 200MW combined-cycle power plant for Amandi Energy Power Plant. The plant, which will be located in Aboadze, will add reliable and efficient power to Ghana’s grid thereby easing increasing demand for electricity.

Powered by GE’s 9E.04 gas turbine with tri-fuel capabilities, not only can the turbine be used with light crude oil, but a switch can be made to indigenous gas from Ghana’s offshore natural gas field as soon as the gas becomes available.

The rugged 9E turbine can use more than 52 types of fuel and that spans nearly the entire spectrum of available fuel in the world. The turbine is so versatile that it can even switch fuels while running under full load. GE’s 9E.04 turbine has multiple features that help reduce fuel costs and increase revenue, such as a 145 MW output and 37% simple-cycle efficiency.

GE will also provide the steam turbine, heat recovery steam generator and a seven-year contractual service agreement. Once operational, the 200MW plant will be one of the most efficient power plants in the country and will generate the equivalent power needed to supply more than one million Ghanaian homes.

Boaz Lavi, GM for Amandi Energy Ghana said:

GE’s  fuel flexibility capabilities are unmatched. Having a turbine that is able to switch between fuels can provide increased plant operability allowing for power generation months before the indigenous gas supply would otherwise be available. This is crucial in helping Ghana meet its growing power needs.

Leslie Nelson, GM Gas Power Systems at GE Power in Sub-Saharan Africa, said:

Our customers have complex fuel needs, and this project illustrates the breadth of solutions we are able to deliver to meet their expectations. We are pleased that our strong regional presence allows us to get power to our customers, like Amandi Energy, quickly and efficiently.

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