While Microsoft have a huge range of different Xbox One controllers on the market, nothing really compares to this Afterglow Prismatic Xbox One Controller.

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There is something special about clear hardware, especially if the internals have all sorts of microchips to gaze at while in use. The Afterglow Prismatic Xbox One Controller has a strip of LED lights around the edges, giving you the feeling that you are holding something straight out of Tron. There are however other cool little design tweaks and features, that makes this controller more than just a standard, flashier Xbox One controller.


If you looked at the Afterglow Prismatic Xbox One Controller controller from a distance, you would think that it was just a standard Xbox One controller with a clear modded shell. Only when you get it in your hands and feel it do you realize it is far from it. In the box you will find the controller itself, and a 3-meter Micro-USB cable for using the device. No, it is not battery powered, and it makes sense given the LED lighting and just how much battery power something like this would use.

The biggest actual design difference between the original controller and the Afterglow Prismatic Xbox One Controller controller is the dual multi-function wheels at the back of the controller. These act like paddles on the Xbox One Elite controller and can be used to program buttons to these wheels. Each wheel rotates up, down, and can also be clicked in, giving the each wheel 3 extra buttons to the controller. There is also an extra button in the middle of the wheels that is used for programming the wheels, and adjusting the light design of the controller.

Afterglow Prismatic Xbox One Controller

Now onto the best feature of the Afterglow Prismatic Xbox One Controller, the afterglow. Thanks to the ring around the controller, the entire controller lights up, and quite brightly we might add. The ring around the edges is able to light up the entire shell, while also lighting up your hand at the same time. There are also smaller red LED lights on the microchips that flash whenever the controller vibrates, but they are not as fancy as the LED strip itself.

The buttons on the Afterglow Prismatic Xbox One Controller are pretty much the same as the normal Xbox One controller, but that is not an issue as they are great already. The only two major differences are the R3 and L3 clicks, which are sharper and louder, better if anything. The second is the haptic feedback in the LT and RT buttons. The feedback is just not as strong as the original controller, but lacked the precision we were used to.


While the Afterglow Prismatic Xbox One Controller works like a normal Xbox One controller, the programmable wheel and the LED feature need to be top notch, and they are. Using the extra button at the back of the controller, it was easy to program the wheel. The button has different functions like programming the wheel, and adjusting the LED color. It was so easy to do all this as we pressed the function button, and just rotated the analogue stick around to choose from different RGB shades. The left analogue stick then changed the brightness of it all, which is great for those who find the LED light to be too bright.

Afterglow Prismatic Xbox One Controller

Once we programmed the wheels it was smooth sailing. We set up the wheel to replace most of our thumb buttons, so we did not have to lift our finger off the analogue at all. It was perfect for an FPS game. We also went as far as changing the colour to suit the game we were playing. Halo Wars 2 was red, while Fallout 4 was blue. It was so easy to change the colour, so it made it fun to experiment with it all. It also helps that the controller is so bright, so you can actually see it in the room, and your hands.


While the Xbox One controller is great and all, the Prismatic Afterglow is retailing for the same price. For R699 you will get the most colorful controller, with extra programmable buttons to add into the mix. The Afterglow is a beautiful and practical controller, of which should be on everyone’s must buy list.

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Afterglow Prismatic Xbox One Controller Review
AffordableGreat LED functionEasy to use programmable wheels
Wheels sometimes feel cheap
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