Malware is nothing new in today’s Android devices, and there are so many different ways that it can find its way into your device. Luckily the Google team have worked tirelessly to try to make Android more secure with constant updates to the OS, and it even now has its own built-in malware scanner.

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However, this does not mean it is a completely safe OS, as malware might find a way onto your device. To make sure you are aware of the dangers of malware, you need to understand just what it is, and what it does to your device.

What Is Malware?



A virus targets your files on your device and infects it, killing your OS or worse, even causing hardware issues. Malware, on the other hand, is like a fly on the wall that sits there and watches your actions. It is an observer that tracks your personal information as you use your device, and slowly steals it, leaving your personal information exposed to hackers. Other forms of malware do other things on your mobile, like create adverts on your home screen, fake icons, some can even enter your device’s root storage and create a backdoor for hackers to get into your device. It is an unsafe world out there full of malware, but all these can be avoided if you are careful.

Don’t Download Dodgy Apps

The Google Play Store’s developer policies are more lenient than Apple’s. This means that almost everyone and anyone can make apps and publish them on the store. Many of these fake apps contain malware, especially when an app looks too good to be true. For instance, there is obviously no Pokémon GO coin generator, that is malware, so don’t download it. Always try to be careful when it comes to apps and games. If it looks fake, then it probably is. Another way to always make sure you are downloading from a safe source, is that you check the developer’s account.

Watch Out For APKs


Some Android device users download an APK (Android Package Kit) for games or apps that are available in their local Google Play Store. However, these APK files might contain walware. Always be careful when it comes to these apps, and try to scan them first with a malware scanner, which leads us to our last point.

Get A Malware Scanner


There are a few anti-virus and malware scanners on the Google Play Store, so grab one to make sure you are safe. These scanners will scan new apps for malware, and even current ones that might have been infected. AVG, and CM Security are just two of the ones available to download. You cannot go wrong by being a little bit extra careful.

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