26 years later – take a moment to feel old – and the classic tale of love and acceptance is remade into a live-action movie. Beauty and the Beast manages to bring the tale as old as time, back to life.

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Director Bill Condon
Cast Emma Watson, Dan Stevens, Ewan McCregor and Emma Thompson
Rating PG
Genre Musical
Running Time 2 Hours 10 Mins.

The story stays basically the same as the 1991 original Disney animation, with a few delightful updates. There is a peculiar girl, Belle (portrayed by Emma Watson) who lives in a small provincial town with her father, Maurice (portrayed by Kevin Kline). She feels like she doesn’t fit in and, in this version, is rejected for her inventive and curious mind. Not only is she smart, but as the title suggest, she is beautiful as well. After her father doesn’t return from a trip, Belle goes looking for him and ends up trading places with him as The Beast’s (portrayed by Dan Stevens) captive. Belle realises that the castle’s furiture is alive. Classic characters like Lumiere (potrayed by Ewan McCregor), Mrs. Potts (portrayed by Emma Thompson), and Cogsworth (portrayed by Sir Ian McKellen) are remade beautifully in life action CGI. Ewan McCregor’s Lumiere is especially captivating and we instantly fell in love with this tiny, but fiery friend. Gaston (portrayed by Luke Evans) is still the vile villain.

Emma Watson as Belle will take your breath away. She perfectly captures the character of a strong, intelligent, brave and beautiful young woman wanting more out life than the mediocre small town mentality. This time around, Belle has a job as an assistant-inventor and she impresses with her creatively inventive ideas. Emma Watson managed to get Belle’s mannerisms and look just right. Fans will be delighted to see Belle be brought to life.

What this live-action managed to capture is the music. Disney has released other live-action remakes like Cinderella and The Jungle Book, and although they have been awesome, they have lacked the great music that made these movies the classic that they are today. The Beauty and the Beast is one of the first Disney live-action remakes that really brought to life the feeling of the original through the marvellous music.

The special effects and costume designs were top notch. From Belle’s iconic yellow ball gown to Mrs. Potts and little Chip to life, Beauty and the Beast breathed life these characters, while still staying true to the animation’s look and feel. Fans will recognise a ton of cool refernences and new fans will fall in love with how gorgeous and authentic everything looks, especially in 3D.

Another fantastic part about this live-action remake, is that it portrays a homosexual character in the form of LeFou (portrayed by Josh Gad) and hints at a homosexual relationship. Although the references and moments in the movie only lasts a few sscods, you have to give Disney some credit for being more inclusive in its representation of characters. There is also a strong feminist tone from Belle’s perspective, which is cool to see in a movie which will be seen by the masses.


If you’re not really into the original Disney movie, then Beauty and the Beast is probably not for you. The movie captures the magic of the 1991 animation and brings it to life in this live-action remake. Emma Watson’s Belle is sure to entice everyone’s hearts and the music will make you want to get up and sing along. If you’re unfamiliar with the Beauty and the Beast franchise, then there has never been a better chance to get into this magical story about love and acceptance.

Beauty and the Beast hits South African cinemas on 14 April 2017.

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Beauty And The Beast Review: A Tale As Old As Time, Retold Beautifully
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