Destiny is a fan favourite amongst gamers, but recently the game has died down due to the lack of content. Well, with Destiny 2 on the horizon for a 2017 release, Bungie has a solid plan in motion to make the rest of the months before the release of the sequel better than ever by releasing Destiny Age of Truimph.

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So what is this Destiny Age of Triumph, and what does it mean for players new and old? Well, it is probably the biggest free update to ever release in the game, and here are some reasons why you should look forward to playing Destiny again in the coming months.

What Is Destiny Age of Triumph

In short, Destiny Age of Triumph is a celebration of all Destiny content from the original vanilla release, all the way up to the most recent Rise of Iron expansion. Destiny Age of Triumph is also an introduction of the biggest record book to date in the game. These books let you keep track of all the awesome activities you have done and they let you unlock cool content for your character. Think of Destiny Age of Triumph as the last ever content coming to Destiny before the sequel, and it will make everything you have ever done in past expansions relevant again.

Return Of Old Raids

Destiny Age of Triumph will make the old raids more relevant than ever. What this means is you will be able to do Vault of Glass, and take down Atheon again to take down the Hive King, and the biggest raid in the game, King’s Fall, where we will kill the Taken King once again. The raid will also be open to all players as the light level requirement will be 390. This means that anyone who has remotely played Rise of Iron will be high enough to jump into the action when the update launches. Each raid will rotate weekly in a unique 390 Light playlist, and offer rare weapons and rewards for players. The infamous challenge modes will also return to the rotating raid, so all three revamped raids will have new things to aim for, giving players harder challenges to complete in.

Destiny Age of Triumph

What this all means for Destiny players, is that if you have experienced the raid in the past – before it was made irrelevant due to newer content – you will be able to go back and enjoy the experience again, and farm for those epic weapons like Vex Mythoclast, and Vision of Confluence. All these weapons will drop at 400 light too, so max light level will apply on drop.

Biggest Record Book To Date

The Record Book was a cool way for Bungie to add in challenges that players had to aim for in the game. Every time there was an event or expansion, there was a new Record Book with a new list of content to complete in it. Destiny Age of Triumph will be coming with a massive 13-page Record Book, filled with things to aim for. These pages will even automatically complete depending on whether you have played the game since day one or not. One of these, for example, is a challenge called From The Beginning that will unlock only if you created a character in Destiny Age of Triumph during the first launch window. Other challenges will go hand-in-hand with the new raids, and complete as you finish them or collect all the collectibles in the area. There will be a page dedicated to Iron Banner, and even Trials of Osiris. Every activity ever put into the game’s roster will have a page dedicated to it.

Destiny Age of Triumph

The End Of Destiny 1

While Destiny Age of Triumph adds all these new things to the game, it also means that it will be the end of Year 1. Destiny has been one of the most unique experiences in gaming, and we have to take our hats off to Bungie for creating it. This last content update means that we need to make way soon to take on a new adventure. Bungie has already announced that our progress, inventory, and even skills will not move to Destiny 2, so treat this last pack of content as a farewell to the game.

Destiny Age of Triumph

You will be able to get your hands on Destiny Age of Triumph when it launches on PS4 and Xbox One on 28 March 2017. You will also need to own the base game and the latest expansion, Rise of Iron in order to access the content update.

Take a look at the full stream of the event here, and let us know what you think about the last content pack in the comments.

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