The iPhone is a great piece of hardware and has so much going on inside of it, like trackers, sensors, and an operating system to tie it all together, that it makes for a great platform for free iPhone health apps. These apps utilize every piece of the iPhone to extend their use. Here are some of the best free iPhone health apps, that will change the way you look at your phone.

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Pillow Free iPhone health apps

This is one of the the free iPhone health apps (paid version unlocks more features) that lets you record you sleep cycles and reflect on how well you are sleeping. You can set a time to sleep, and a time to wake up, and it will track all this and tell you how deep you slept, and the quality of your sleep that night. It also gradually wakes you up in the morning compared to the typical loud alarm of the iPhone. It takes around 10-minutes, but it will slowly bring you out of sleep with a faint tune. The paid version records you sleep sounds, so that is a neat way to tell if you are sleeping normally at night too.

7 Minute Workout

free iPhone health apps

It does just what the app says it does, gives you 7-minute workouts to do quickly. You can do it before you hop in the shower at night, or just find a quick lunch break to get them done. There are different settings to toggle and achievements to unlock if you stick to it. All it takes is 7 minutes a day, or you can do more sets if you want.

Yoga Studio

free iPhone health apps

Yoga does much more to your body and mind than meets the eye, and Yoga Studio is your pocket yoga session on the go. The app features videos sessions that will let you customize your perfect playlist. It also caters for all sort of users, being new yoga starters, and experts. You can place your iPhone on the floor next to you, and go yoga wild in the comfort of your own home.

Zombies, Run!

free iPhone health apps

While we might still be a few decades away from an actual zombie outbreak, you can still create one on your daily run thanks to Zombies, Run!. This is one of the free iPhone health apps that brings out the fun in all and pretends that you are a survivor of a zombie outbreak as it tells you the story of one through its audio story while you are running. Every now and then you will need to sprint a little faster to avoid being killed by a zombie, but the story will tell you this when the time comes. It keeps it fresh and interesting on a normal run through the park


free iPhone health apps

Cooking is the best thing next to gaming, and why not have one of the free iPhone health apps to do it with. Enter SideChef. This cool recipe app features over 3500 step-by-step recipes that you can create in your kitchen. The best thing about the app is that it ranges from all sorts of recipes like vegan, healthy food, even those naughty desserts. The recipes are all carefully designed, as well as voice recorded so you can carry on blending while it tells you the next step.

Plant Nanny

free iPhone health apps

Water is the most important part of any human being’s consumption, and we in SA are very lucky to have readily available water to drink. This makes Plant Nanny so much better. It is like a tomagotchi with plant and drinking water. The app reminds you to drink water throughout the day, and every time you do, your plants will grow bigger and taller. The best thing about this app is that the plants are so cute, so you want to see them grow up, and drink more water in order to do so.

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