The Internet has been going nuts about the news of the new Nokia 3310 reboot which was announced in February at the 2017 Mobile World Congress.

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The new Nokia 3310 might seem appealing to nostalgic mobile users as well as people in the market for a cheap mobile device. However, the new Nokia 3310 may not work in all countries.

The new Nokia 3310 hasn’t retained its original look, but the company decided to keep some of its original features like its dated 2G compatibility. The new Nokia 3310 only supports GSM 900MHz and 1800Mhz frequency bands. This means that many mobile service providers in developed countries like the United States, Singapore, Australia, and Canada won’t support the new Nokia 3310. Major mobile service provider in the US, AT&T explains that a 2G mobile device in the US is unable to:

  • Make or receive calls, including emergency calls.
  • Send or receive text messages.
  • Use data services.

This won’t be a problem in developing countries like South Africa and India.

Another dated decision by the company was to not include a wifi antenna in the new Nokia 3310. This means the new Nokia 3310 won’t be able to connect to a wifi network and will merely rely on slow 2G speeds.

The Nokia 3310 was an iconic mobile device originally released in 2000. The device gained global popularity for its seemingly unbreakable build, long battery life, and popular mobile games like Space Impact and Snake. It has long been rumoured that the Nokia 3310 would be making a comeback to the mobile market, and it was finally confirmed during this year’s Mobile World Congress. The company also revealed two other Nokia devices to hit the market later this year – the Nokia 3 and Nokia 5.

The company also announced the global release of the Nokia 6.

What are your thoughts on the new Nokia 3310 reboot? Would you get one?

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