The Nintendo Switch is a super gaming device, and if you are concerned about the games heading to the console, then never fear. We have all the Nintendo Switch games that have been confirmed, as well as some we hope to see in the future too.

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First off, let’s dream about the Nintendo Switch games we wish we will be able to play some time in the future.

Pokémon Gen 8

Now tell us we are not the only people who dream of playing the most creative and detailed Pokémon game ever making use of the Nintendo Switch’s powerful hardware. We know Nintendo would do its best to make the next Pokémon generation better than ever, and using the Nintendo Switch as a home console and portable gaming device, will let us take our Pokémon adventure anyway. Pokékom was made to be one of the Nintendo Switch games.

Mario And Sonic Sports Event

We know the Mario and Sonic games are really fun, but imagine making use of the Joy-Con to further expand your events in the game. The motion of the controller to sprint the 100-meter dash, or the HD rumble feature to play another sport. The possibilities are endless, and the console has all the features to make this one of the Nintendo Switch games we play in the future.


If you have never played a WarioWare game before, then you have missed out. The game is like a collection of mini games that always shows off the hardware that the game is on. WarioWare Wii, for example, made use of the motion controllers and let you mess around by balancing a broom on your hands, in the game that is, and other cool little games. We can only imagine the awesome games that would come bundled with a Switch version of the game.

Switch Sports

Something that made the Wii a huge success was the inclusion of a Wii Sports bundled with the console. The Switch on the other hand did not have this, and it should have. All we hope is that Nintendo releases a new version of Wii Sports, but for the Nintendo Switch, that makes use of all the great tech the console has to offer.

Metroid Switch

We have not had a great Metroid game in a few years now, and the Switch could change that. We hope that Nintendo brings the series back to life in ways we have never seen before. New combat, new platforming, and hopefully a story that will leave a lasting impact on us.

Now that you have seen our wishes, what about the Nintendo Switch games that have already been announced for the console. Take a look at all the best games heading to the Switch in 2017.


Dragon Quest IX

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim


Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

Release Date: 28 April 2017

Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom

Sonic Forces


Sonic Mania

Splatoon 2

Super Mario Odyssey


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