The day has finally arrived, Nintendo’s latest console is out. So what is the hype behind the console’s launch, and what is everyone going on about?  We are about to break it down for you. Here is everything you need to know for the local launch of the Nintendo Switch, as well as some Nintendo Switch tips and tricks for new owners.

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First Use Nintendo Switch Tips

For those who have already ordered their console and have it on the way, then you might be interested in some Nintendo Switch tips and the initial setup of the console.

Buy A Large Micro SD Card

The issue right now is that the Nintendo Switch only has 32GB of NAND flash memory on the console. Already games like Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Edition, and Zelda Breath of the Wild, clock in at over this storage space. This is why you should head out and get at least a 25GB MicroSD card to expand the storage of the device. If you really want to make the storage future proof for other titles in the next few years, splurge on a 1TB card instead. Keep in mind that you can easily remove the card and put another on in, so getting multiple 256GB cards is not a bad idea.

Power Bank

A power bank will let you extend the battery life of the console in portable mode. Look for something close to 10,000mAh, as this would give the handheld an extra 4 hours of battery life, totaling 6-7 hours depending on the game and brightness you are using.

Sleep Mode

One of the first Nintendo Switch tips we recommend you use is to switch the device to sleep mode. While the Switch does not have the best battery life, sleep mode has been a saving grace as it extends your device’s battery life without losing the progress of your game. Whenever you are taking a call, or need to reply to a text and might get carried away with it all, put the device into sleep mode, to preserve as much battery as possible.

Be Versatile

By far the greatest feat of the Nintendo Switch is its versatility, so why not use it. The best part about the hardware is the ability to play the device in portable mode. Unlike the Wii U, you don’t need to have the console near the dock to stream the game to the screen, because the screen is the console itself. You can put the screen in your bag, and take it with you wherever you go. If you are at home on the couch use the TV, and then continue the game while dozing off in bed.

Advanced Nintendo Switch Tips

Now that you’ve set everything up, you’re ready for more advance Nintendo Switch tips and tricks to help you take your gaming to the next level.

Screenshot everything

All you need to do is press the screenshot button and it will instantly screenshot what you are doing on the screen or TV. You can then head into the album section and edit these with text, draw on them and more.

Charge Your Joy-Con While Playing

The Joy-Con devices are one of the best controllers we have ever used, and it has a great battery life too. While nothing lasts forever, you can charge your Joy-Con devices while you play. All you need to do to charge them is to have them plugged into the Switch’s screen, as the screen itself charges the Joy-Con’s battery automatically.

Turn Your TV On With Your Console

You can turn your TV on at the same time as your Nintendo Switch.. This means that as soon as you plug your Switch into the dock, or turn on the console while it is plugged in, your TV screen will turn on at the same time. To enable this head to Settings > TV > Auto On.

Parental Controls

The Nintendo Switch features an awesome safety feature for parents, and it is all controlled by the Nintendo Switch Parental Controls App. From the app you can monitor the play time of the users on the console, as well as set up time limitations, and even monitor what your child is playing so you can chat about the games together.

We will have more on the Nintendo Switch as we spend time using the device. Are you getting one? Let us know in the comments below.

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