Household technology advances at warp speed. If you asked us 15 years ago if we would be able to watch YouTube on our TV, we would have laughed at you. If you told us we would have fridges that would order groceries for us, we would have referred you to a doctor, but things have changed, and technology is becoming everything we are.

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Household technology has the power to transform every room in our lives. From the kitchen to the bedroom. Household technology is adapting, and forming all around us.

In the Kitchen

We have a few devices that are becoming more and more available in the kitchen. Samsung’s working to bring a seamless shopping experience into our homes, through smart household technology. Fridges that order groceries for us, and smart home devices that can monitor our actions and speech, and learn from it to adapt to our lifestyle.

Household Technology

Amazon Echo is one of these cool gadgets that do just that. Tell Alexa to add milk to your shopping list, and your smartphone will have a grocery list on it with milk added to it. There are also new smart fridges that have giant LED screens on the front, and display your daily news, weather, and even your fridge contents.

In The Lounge

In the lounge, household technology is probably the most advanced, as our TVs, laptops, smartphones, and even our curtains are becoming more and more technologically advanced. The best thing about it all, is that it links together, and everything works seamlessly.


We can pre-load content on our Explora decoders before we get home, so it is ready when we arrive, or create a playlist in ShowMax, that can be streamed right away. Technology is also creating a safer and more secure environment for our children as parental controls, mobile home cameras, and other living room safety devices, have become easier and more adaptable. You can log into a camera from anywhere and see if your child is okay, or change the channel for them, and even block certain programs.

In The Bathroom

While the bathroom still might not be the most advanced place for household technology, one cannot ignore how companies are pushing to change that. Weight scales that help you determine your diet. Mirrors that can foresee blackheads and imperfections, and recommend treatment for it, and let us not forget the toilets that are becoming smarter every year.

Household Technology

The bathroom will soon be more wired and networked than ever, as we slowly see the tech around us make its way into the bathroom. We can foresee smart showers soon that incorporate LED displays and you can catch up on your daily weather and news, while in the shower.

In The Bedroom

Tech is changing more than just our alarm clocks in the bedroom as even when we sleep household technology surrounds us. We have seen smart beds that adapt to our positions while we sleep, to provide the most comfortable nights rest. While we sleep apps on our smartphone monitor our movements and sounds, and provide us with a detailed analysis in the morning on just how deep we slept throughout the night.

Household Technology

Our alarm clocks can now turn on the coffee machine in the morning, so by the time we finally make it to the kitchen, the coffee is ready. You can even purchase a smart mattress to monitor whether your partner is being faithful or not.

As you can there is always a way technology is being adapted into our lifestyle, and it starts at home by making our lives easier and more connected. What household technology can’t you live without?

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