Wearable technology has been developed for basically everything that comes into contact with the human body. From smartwatches like the Apple Watch to Swarovski Crystals, wearable devices have become more and more fashionable. Levi’s and Google have teamed up to create a smart jacket – a first of its kind and a step forward for fashion and wearable tech.

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Smart Jacket

The jacket will let wearers control their smartphones with their cuff. Basic actions allowed on the smart jacket enable wearers to skip songs, check the time, use Google maps, and make phone calls. All you’ll have to do is brush the cuff of the smart jacket to be able to control your smartphone.

Being fashion forward doesn’t come cheap. The Levi’s and Google jacket is set to cost $350 (about R4 500). The smart jacket from Levi’s and Google is set to come out in September 2017. The smart jacket is targetted specifically to “urban bike commuters“.

The smart jacket is made from denim and the detachable cuff runs on Google’s Project Jacquard technology, which combines metal alloys with the denim threat. This makes it touch-activated. The smart jacket is washable, with the cuff having to be removed and charged every two days. The tech isn’t restricted to denim threats, which means that Google might partner with more fashion brands in the future for other smart clothes. This tech can also be woven into other objects like furniture and bedding, for instance.

Smart Jacket

Would you be interested in owning your own Levi’s and Google smart jacket? Which other clothing items would you like to have smart tech built into them? Drop us a comment below and let us know what you think of the new Levi’s and Google smart jacket and the future of wearable fashion.

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