It’s no secret that women watching porn has been – excuse the pun – on the rise. Now, it seems, women watching porn on mobile is further on the rise thanks to access to porn from mobile devices. Popular porn website, Pornhub has released insights showing how watching porn on mobile devices has increased dramatically, especially amongst South African women.

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Pornhub explored how women watch porn differently to men and some surprising statistics on South African women were revealed.

Currently, about 72% of worldwide traffic to Pornhub comes from smartphones and tablets. But mobile use is actually much higher with women than men.

South African women visiting Pornhub are 91% more likely to be accessing the site from a mobile device. This is 12% more than male South African mobile Pornhub users. The US comes in at a close second, with 89% of female Pornhub users more likely to be using a mobile device. Countries like Thailand (38%), Taiwan (32%), and Brazil (26%) have a much higher difference between female and male mobile users.

South African Women

71% of female traffic to Pornhub comes from smartphones, 8% from tablets and 21% desktop. Proportionately, women are -34% less likely to use desktop computers than men, but 16% more likely to use phones and +10% more for tablets.

South African Women

When it comes to mobile operating systems, 53% of women are using Android and 45% Apple iOS. Once again, women prefer Apple based tech with a +5% increase in iOS popularity, and a -3% decrease in Android compared to men.

South African Women

These Pornhub insights show that when it comes to adult entertainment, there seems to be less of a discrimination against female and male users. In fact, it shows that female consumptions of adult entertainment is on the rise and that more and more women are using tech to visit porn sites like Pornhub. It’s especially interesting to see how many South African women use mobile devices to access the popular porn site.

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