The ZOWIE ZA range comes in three sizes. Starting with the ZA13, being the smallest mouse, the ZA12 the mid sized one, and lastly the ZA11 is the largest one. They are all in theory the same mouse, but they cater for different hand sizes. One thing they all have in common however, is that they are all ambidextrous. making them perfect for all gamers, left or right handed, and with support for all hand sizes at the same time.

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The ZOWIE ZA range is as basic a mouse you could get, but it has everything you could ask for in it at the same time. There are no fancy LED lights, nor is there a wireless feature. It is a classic wired mouse, and that is all there is to it. It is simplicity, and one of the most classic, yet effective designs we have seen in a mouse to date. All four extra buttons on the mouse are placed on the left and right-hand side of it, and this helps the device in its ambidextrous design. No matter what hand you use the mouse in, you will have equal control of all the buttons. Again, this functionality is achieved without any extra attachments of any kind – it is simply symmetrical.


The outside of the mouse is simple yet effective. The plastic shell is smooth, but also provides enough grip to get the job done. The mouse wheel has a great feel to it too, with a solid scroll click and that you have more control over. Thanks to the symmetrical design, the side buttons, two on each side, are easily accessible, and no matter what game we played they came in handy.

While the overall design of the mouse is simple, it hides the only configuration button underneath it. The DPI toggle on the ZOWIE ZA12 can change across four different settings being 400/800/1600/3200. Each switch is identified with a specific light colour, of which can be found in the user manual. Under the mouse there is also Teflon padding which is used to provide a smooth movement over the mouse pad. We got the ZOWIE GTF-X gaming mouse pad to review along with the ZA12, and they worked in perfect harmony. The ZA12 glided across the pad with no issues, and it felt precise and smooth.


It is during the functioning of the mouse where we were truly impressed. We played Overwatch with it, and it never let us down. Skills assigned to the side buttons meant we could access them all at once with our fingers, and the precision was excellent from start to finish. The only draw back we had was having to flip the mouse around to change the DPI, where many of the gaming mice we have used had buttons on the top to quickly adjust it on the fly.


The ZOWIE ZA12 is an awesome gaming mouse that will suit all sorts of gamers and various genres at the same time. The classic look, and ambidextrous design means that there is no gamer that it is not catering for.

The ZOWIE ZA12 is available in store for R1 299.

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Zowie ZA12 Gaming Mouse Review
Great for all gamersSimplistic design
Underside DPI toggle
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