Everyone who has a baby knows that putting the baby in a driving car is one of the easiest ways to have them calm down and go down for a nap. Enter the Ford smart crib in collabration with Ford of Spain and Espadaysantacruz Studio.

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The Ford smart crib is called the MAX Motor Dreams crib and was created as part of the company’s ad campaign for its MAX models. The Ford smart crib simulates all the conditions of driving that your baby loves, like the sound of an engine, gentle movement simulating driving, and LED lights which represent street and traffic lights. You can customise your Ford smart crib experience with an accompanying app on your smartphone where you can adjust the movements to suit your baby’s needs and which accurately reflect the movement of your car.

Ford Smart Crib

Does the Ford smart crib sound cool to you? Unfortunately, the Ford smart crib isn’t being mass produced to the market just yet.

The company has stated that it’s thinking of a production model of the Ford smart crib in the future. The current Ford smart crib will be given away in a raffle draw.

Ford Smart Crib

Not only does the idea of a Ford smart crib sound cool in that it can simulate driving to help soothe your baby, but it also looks really sleek. The design is simple and modern and would work well in most homes.

Ford Smart Crib

Whether the Ford smart crib will make it into the mass market remains to be seen. Until then you will have to do it the old school way and drive your baby around the block a few times.

Ford Smart Crib

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What do you think about the Ford smart crib? Would you put your baby in it? Drop us a comment below and let us know.

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