Many things made the 90s/00s TV show, Friends, popular like its cool New York setting and loveable six friends who would be there for each other until the rain starts to fall. But one of the main elements that kept many fans watching Friends episodes for 10 seasons is the Rachel and Ross love drama.

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For more than 230 Friends episodes, fans wondered whether the show’s makers will finally let Rachel Green (portrayed by Jennifer Aniston) and Ross Gellar (David Schwimmer) end up together or forever call it quits. (SPOILER ALERT) When Rachel and Ross finally decide that they love each other in one of the last Friends episodes, it’s almost like an anticlimax after 10 seasons of waiting.

But did you know that Rachel and Ross didn’t even date that long to begin with? Many fans waited 10 seasons, 10 years, and more than 230 Friends episodes to finally see these high school friends turned lovers turned exes, reunite.

Here is a timeline and calculation of how many Friends episodes actually consist of Rachel and Ross being together.

Season 2 (13 Friends episodes)

The One Where Ross Finds Out

This is one of the Friends episodes everyone remembers when it finally looked like Rachel and Ross would end up together. In this episode, Ross finds out that Rachel also likes him after he has spent the first season (and before that) having a crush on her. Although they aren’t technically already dating in this episode, they do kiss so we’re going to count it.

Friends Episodes

The One With The List

One of Rachel and Ross’s many fights happen in this episode. We have to endure their fighting in many other Friends episodes, but this is one of the first ones where they “take a break”.

The One With The Prom Video

Although we quickly learn that Ross has had a thing for Rachel for years, this is one of the first Friends episodes which features flashbacks to where it all started. Here Rachel learns that Ross has always loved her and they end up kissing passionately.

Friends Episodes

The One Where Ross And Rachel…You Know

This is one of the Friends episodes where things are going REALLY good for Rachel and Ross.

The next few Friends episodes feature a different storyline, but Rachel and Ross’s relationship is still going strong until the end of season 2.

Season 3 (17 episodes)

Season 3’s Friends episodes start off with Rachel and Ross being still pretty much loved up. But it’s also the season where things go wrong for Rachel and Ross.

The One With The Princess Leia Fantasy

The Friends episodes in season 3 have a good start for Rachel and Ross. Ross tells Rachel he has a Star Wars sexual fantasy and she tries to make his dreams come true.

Friends Episodes

The One Here No One’s Ready

One of the many Friends episodes which involve Rachel and Ross fighting. In this episode, we can see how dramatic the next few Friends episodes will be involving Rachel and Ross’s drama.

The rest of the Friends episodes mid-season 3 sees Rachel and Ross doing what a normal couple would do and being all loved up. In one of the Friends episodes, we even see them offering relationship advice to Chandler. But when Rachel gets a new job and becomes more involved in her fashion career, things start to go wrong for the couple.

The One Where Ross And Rachel Take A Break

This is one of the Friends episodes that many fans will always remember. In this episode Rachel and Ross take a break after having a big fight on their one year anniversary. That same night Ross sleeps with another woman.

The One The Morning After

Having realised his mistake, Ross tries to cover up his hook up with another woman. But Rachel finds out anyway, marking it as one of the last Friends episodes in the season where the couple is still together.

The One At The Beach

In the last episode of season 3, Rachel starts to feel something for Ross again and the couple ends up kissing, with it being left open whether Ross will choose Rachel over another woman he is dating.

Season 4 (1 episode)

The One With The Jellyfish

After many Friends episodes, fans are finally delighted to see the couple back together. But it only lasts for one episode, with the rest of the Friends episodes in season 4 leaving Rachel and Ross broken up.

Season 5 (1 episode)

Most of the Friends episodes in season 5 revolves around Ross trying to win back his estranged wife Emily, after he accidently said Rachel’s name during their wedding ceremony.

The One In Vegas

Although they aren’t knowingly together, Rachel and Ross get drunken married in Las Vegas.

Friends Episodes

Season 6

There are no Friends episodes in season 6 where Rachel and Ross are even close to being together.

Season 7 (1 episode)

They didn’t make it the entire episode, but Rachel and Ross do kiss in one episode. But the rest of the Friends episodes in season 7 sees Rachel and Ross doing their own separate things. Or so we thought.

Friends Episodes

Season 8

In none of the season 8 Friends episodes are Rachel and Ross actually an item, but in this season Rachel tells Ross she’s having his baby after they had a one-night-stand.

Season 9

Another season consisting of no Friends episodes where Rachel and Ross are officially together is season 9. They do have a baby together though.

Friends Episodes

Season 10 (2 Friends episodes)

Now, after basically 5 seasons without being together, Rachel and Ross’s story had to end one way or the other.

The One With Rachel’s Going Away Party

After trying a few Friends episodes to get Rachel to stay, Ross freaks out when she doesn’t want to privately say farewell to him when she’s planning to move to France. But the two finally realise that they are meant for each other and spend the night together.

Friends Episodes

The Last One

This is one of the hardest Friends episodes to watch and is a send off to Rachel and Ross’s as well as the other, multiple storylines.

Total amount of Friends episodes where Rachel and Ross are together: 34 out of 236 Friends episodes feature Rachel and Ross as a couple.

Which Friends episodes are your favourites? Drop us a comment below.

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