The latest flagship smartphone from LG – the LG G6 – has launched in South Africa. The LG G6 is the best LG smartphone to date and here are 6 things we love about these new devices.

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The Screen


Many smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy S8 and iPhone 7 boast good smartphone screens. But the G6 blows them out of the water with its new bigger 5.7″ screen, which feels like it fills out the entire smartphone.

It Won’t Explode

The manufacturer took great care in crafting the G6, especially after the smartphone industry was plagued by problems of exploding batteries in devices. The LG G6 packs a 33oo mAh battery in it that won’t even explode after a nail punctures it.

It Won’t Shatter

There’s nothing worse than dropping a smartphone and seeing your expensive device shattered. The G6 won’t shatter when you drop it from a certain height as it’s drop proof. The body is so tough that a steak knife doesn’t even leave marks on the LG G6.

The Cameras


If you love taking photos and selfies with your smartphone, then the LG G6 is for you. With the LG G6 you won’t need a selfie stick as the device’s cameras (front and rear) allow for extreme wide angle shots, ensuring you get in more details than ever.

Life Proof


The LG G6 is dust and water resistant, making it a smartphone suitable for life’s little adventures.

Wireless Charging

Not only won’t the LG G6 battery explode, but it also supports wireless technology. This means that you can easily place the LG G6 on wireless charging pad and juice up your device.

The LG G6 is a great device and one to consider in 2017 if you’re in the smartphone market.

Stay tuned for our full review of the LG G6 as we spend more time with the latest flagship smartphone from LG.

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