Critics thought that Pokemon GO won’t have a long life span after it’s initial success when it was released last year. But the popular mobile game has proved that it has some staying power and many are still playing Pokemon GO.

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Here are 5 reasons we haven’t given up on Pokemon GO.


Gaming has gotten a bad reputation for encouraging laziness and unhealthy and physically inactive behaviour. But playing Pokemon GO changed that by getting Trainers to walk around to get to PokeStops and to catch Pokemon in the wild. A recent study found that playing Pokemon GO gets people closer to achieving 10 000 daily steps.

Playing Pokemon GO

If you’re interested in playing Pokemon GO to get into shape, check out our suggestions HERE.


We’re loving the events and they’ve kept us excited for holidays while playing Pokemon GO. The first Pokemon GO event happened last year during Halloween, then there was a Christmas and New Year’s event, the Valentine’s Day event, and the recent water festival event.

Playing Pokemon GO

These fun events help us celebrate special holidays while being rewarded for playing Pokemon GO. There’s a very strong possibility that we’ll be playing Pokemon GO during Easter for a special event.


As playing Pokemon GO gets you out of the house and exploring your surroundings, you’re likely to run into other Trainers playing Pokemon GO in your community too. This means that playing Pokemon GO can help you meet new people and possibly make some friends with fellow Trainers.

Playing Pokemon GO

On top of making you more social, playing Pokemon GO could have a positive effect on the community. By placing PokeStops at certain places, you could encourage more people to visit certain areas and keep cultural landmarks alive.

New Pokemon

While certain Trainers continued playing Pokemon GO after they filled up their Pokedex, others felt the need for new Pokemon. Luckily gen 2 Pokemon were recently added to the mobile game, which has many Trainers returning.

Playing Pokemon GO

HERE are all the new Pokemon you can catch while playing Pokemon GO.


If you grew up loving this franchise, then playing Pokemon GO is a dream come true. Many of us wished we could catch Pokemon in real life and playing Pokemon GO makes this an (augmented) reality.

Pokemon GO Daily Bonuses

We hope the mobile game continues to evolve and add more features, events, and Pokemon.

Are you still enjoying Pokemon GO? Drop us a comment below and let us know.

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