Two years ago Disney announced that it will be expanding its Star Wars offering at its LA and Florida theme parks. After this past weekend’s Star Wars Celebration, we have a closer look at Disney’s Star Tours.

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One of the exciting attractions announced to be added to Star Tours is from The Last Jedi, where visitors will be able to experience what it is like on the planet Crait. This new planet can be seen in the latest teaser trailer for The Last Jedi where aircrafts are seen scrapping the surface and leaving behind red smoke/gas.

Star Tours

A cool behind-the-scenes footage of the work that’s going into Star Tours shows that a bunch of Star Wars fans really wanted to give other fans the opportunity to step into the Star Wars galaxy.

Scott Trowbrige, Creative Executive of Star Tours explains that “one of the things that’s exciting about Star Tours is inviting people into that Star Wars universe“.

Star Tours

Star Tours aims to give fans the opportunity to do all those things from the Star Wars movies they’ve always wanted to do.

Chris Beatty, Executive Creative Director of Star Tours explains that:

Our goal as we set out on this journey was to create a place that was so authentic, so real that when our guests stepped inside Star Tours they’re there – they’re in the movie. And to this we had to partner with Lucasfilm, partner with the team that bring these flims to life. And together we are creating a place that will amaze our guests. Star Tours will be a place that they’ve just never seen before.

Star Tours

Director of the upcoming The Last Jedi movie, Rian Johanson describes Star Tours:

You walk into this space and everything from being in the environment, to seeing random characters that you actually interact with – everything about it is about total immersion.

Star Tours is set to open in 2019.

Star Tours

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