Destiny: Age of Triumph is a here and you need to be right at the top light to make the best of your new experience. The Age of Triumph has a requirement of 390 light, which means that you should aim for 390 and up for each character. Here are some of the fastest ways to get you Guardian to 390 and up light to help you make the best out of the last content drop ever for Destiny.

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Strike Playlists


Strike playlists are a great way to get to 390 for Age of Triumph, as all the engrams you obtain from opening chests using the Skeleton Keys, and even drops from the strike bosses all decrypt at up to 390 light. Playing through strike playlists will not only give you engrams, but you can use boosters during these playlists to help boost your faction XP, and level that up too. Whenever you level up a faction you will get a reward package that will obtain an item, be it weapon or armour, that will be up to 390 light. Strike playlists are an all-around great way to help boost your light level.

Challenge Of The Elders

Destiny: Age of Triumphs

Challenge of the Elders came back to Destiny just a few months ago, and it provided a great way to get gear. It is still the same today, and with the weekly 2 packages per character, you can earn cool-looking gear, that is also capped at 390 light. The challenges change every week, which keeps things fresh and exciting, so grab a friend or two and get into that arena.

Wrath Of The Machine

Destiny: Age of Triumph

If you have a good group of friends and you want to challenge the raid, you will be rewarded with items better than all drops on this list. The Wrath of the Machine raid drops gear at anything from your light level up to 400 light. You can also earn double the rewards if you make use of the boxes and open them using the special keys found in the game. Not to mention the raid challenge mode that wields double rewards if you complete the challenge correctly.

Trials Of Osiris

Destiny: Age of Triumph

Every weekend the Trials of Osiris event opens and last from Friday 19:00 CAT, to Monday 19:00 CAT. During this time you can head into a sweaty battle against a team of three Guardians, along with your two friends. Every weekend the maps change, and you will need to use all your skills to make sure you come out on top. During this event you can earn gear by completing challenges, and this gear will be up to 390 light. The best thing about this event is that you can be very bad at the game and still complete the challenges, as they are not directed to actually winning the games.


Destiny: Age of Triumph

These events always wield higher light gear than your level, and they can also give you exotic weapons up to 400 light too. If you get a chance, then make sure you jump into your weekly Nightfall before it resets.

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