With so many gaming mice on the market, it is hard to distinguish just what is better than other brands. For the price of R599, the Trust GXT 158 Laser Mouse could be one of the cheapest gaming mice we have ever used. It feels great, has some nice features, and is a great overall device for its price range.

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The Trust GXT 158 Laser Mouse does pretty well in holding its own for a budget device. Its LED lighting gives it a “hardcore gaming device” look, while its overall build looks like a Transformer in a mouse. There are 8 programmable keys on the device which are the two standard clicks, and two sets of extra buttons on each side under your thumb. It also helps that the mouse is ambidextrous, so you’re able to benefit from the great design and build no matter what hand you game with.

Trust GXT 158 Review

The top of the Trust GXT 158 Laser Mouse is coated with a rubber-like material which adds grip to the device, with the material running right down to the bottom. There are two eye-like holes near the bottom that give you a feeling that the Trust GXT 158 Laser Mouse is watching you. The only issue we had was the two sets of side buttons felt cheap, and pressing them was not as seamless as we hoped. Instead of a quick click, there is some effort needed to press the buttons in, and sometimes it felt that the buttons might be pushed into the mouse itself and get stuck.


The 5000 DPI laser does a great job in providing the precision we needed for all the types of games we were playing, and at the same time the Trust GXT 158 Laser Mouse worked well during standard work like Photoshop and navigating around our hundred-tab web browser sessions. The mouse wheel feels great, with a precise click while rotating it, and the sensor switch provided enough change in precision in every setting, to fit every task we threw at the mouse.

Trust GXT 158 Review

While the Trust GXT 158 Laser Mouse works well with a simple plug and play feature, there is software you can download to further enhance the programmable features and macros. There are 5 profiles you can edit, each with their own keys and LED layout. The 5 modes let you customize the mouse for various games, like we did one for Halo War 2, and one for Overwatch, and quickly changed to these profiles when we changed games. All in all the performance of the mouse was great, and bundled with the  Trust GTX 756 gaming mouse pad, the experience was superb. You will not find a better budget mouse on the market that boasts these features.


The Trust GXT 158 Laser Mouse might be cheap, but for an entry level gamer, it packs a series of great features. There is really nothing that comes close to it price wise, and if you don’t want to splurge thousands on a gaming mouse, then take a look at this.

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Trust GXT 158 Laser Mouse Review: Best Budget Gaming Mouse
Great DesignAffordable
Some parts feel cheap
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