The World Wide Web inventor, Sir Time Berners-Lee, has confessed that he had other ideas for the Internet when he invented it back in 1989.

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The World Wide Web inventor said that the Internet is being used for stuff like spying, hacking, and the spreading of “nasty, mean ideas“. The initial intentions behind the Internet, according to the World Wide Web inventor, was to enable people to “do good stuff” and be able to share this “good stuff” with each other.

Things have significantly changed since the World Wide Web inventor had these big dreams of people doing good with the Internet and being nice to each other. Instead, the opposite is the reality today in terms of Internet usage.

To address the various negative effects of the Internet, the World Wide Web inventor suggests that “we need to rethink the way we build society on top of these web pages”.

How come nasty, mean ideas, seem to have traveled more prevalently than constructive ideas on Twitter sometimes? Is that the way it has been designed? Could Twitter be tweaked?

World Wide Web Inventor

The World Wide Web inventor has also criticised state-initiated digital spying and censorship. The World Wide Web inventor stated that he had given the world “an open Internet to play with“, with the aim of people doing good and being nice to each other.

We have tried to keep it open, we kept it royalty-free. We have kept it open in the sense of no censorship. On a good day, in a good country, we keep it free of spying.

Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter have already started to address some of these issues regarding the nastiness on the Internet. Facebook, for instance, is giving users tips on spotting and preventing the spread of fake news and Twitter bands abusive users.

What do you use the Internet for? Are your uses aligned with the vision the World Wide Web inventor had for the Internet? Drop us a comment and let us know.

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