Some people fear that gaming and technology are dooming the world. With people being obsessed with their mobile devices thanks to social media and popular mobile games like Pokemon GO, some fear that we’ve become too dependent on our gadgets. But what many might not have predicted was that Pokemon GO could get you arrested.

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Here are 4 times when playing Pokemon GO has led to people being arrested.


Physically fighting with someone else (without their consent like in boxing or wrestling as sports) could lead to an assault charge against you. Or you could even get arrested while playing Pokemon GO which led to a fight. This happened in Singapore when two men were arrested after a pedestrian was crossing the road while playing Pokemon GO and the driver allegedly asked him to move, escalating into a physical fight. After the two men were arrested, the Singapore Police released a statement, urging Pokemon GO players to be careful when playing the popular mobile game.

If You’re In Russia

There are many things you could get arrested for in Russian, including playing Pokemon GO.

22-year-old Russian blogger, Ruslan Sokolovsky was recently arrested, charged, and convicted for playing Pokemon GO in a Church. The blogger received a 3-and-a-half-year suspended sentence for incitement of hatred and insult to the religious feelings of believers.


Pokemon GO recently assisted Milford in the US’s Police to have a wanted person arrested. William Wilcox was arrested outside of the Milford Police Station, which is also a Pokemon Gym. Officers recognised Wilcox who was arrested before he could finish filling up his Pokedex for an outstanding warrant.


We’ve all been warned to pay attention while we’re playing Pokemon GO, to avoid being injured or injuring someone and also to avoid wandering into restricted areas and possibly being arrested for trespassing. A man was tased and arrested after refusing to leave Ballast Point Park in Tampa Bay in the US.

The moral of the story? Don’t do stupid things while you’re playing Pokemon GO like fighting or trespassing and you will most likely avoid being arrested.

If you’re a fan of Pokemon GO and you haven’t been arrested and your mobile device confiscated, be sure to check out our dedicated Pokemon GO hub.

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