At the Acer Global Press Conference last week, the company announced all its best notebooks and other cool gaming devices heading our way in 2017.

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Acer Aspire 7 | 5 – For The Gamer

Acer Aspire 7

The Acer Aspire 7 might look a little clunky compared to the other sleek devices on the market, but that is because it packs quite the graphical power inside, and to be honest, it should be more in the Predator range than the Acer Aspire range. This beast of a device comes in a 17 and 15-inch model, with a GeForce GTX 1050 and up built into it. Yes, that means that the Aspire range are technically gaming laptops, and a GTX 1050 can run Overwatch at medium to high settings. Anyone who is looking for a gaming laptop, but does not have the cash to splurge on a Predator, can look into the Aspire range. Although the Aspire 5 only comes with a Nvidia 940M, gaming should still be good on that device, but the settings and performance might not be the same as the Acer Aspire 7.

Swift 1 – For The Traveler

The Acer Swift’s small size and light design, makes it a device that everyone wants to carry around. This 13.3-inch device is also powerful, and weighs 1.3kgs. With a 10-hour battery life, it makes for the perfect daytime companion while juggling meetings, and keeping your social feeds in check.

Switch Range – For The Everyday User

The Acer Swift range is something special as it is able to incorporate a great tablet experience with a solid notebook one too, while still keeping the device relevant and not weighing it down with gimmicks. It could act as a great starter tablet/laptop for your kids, as they can play games from the Windows 10 Store, while still having a fully functioning keyboard for homework. It is also very light and fits in in everywhere, so it could also be a great travel companion for someone who works from home or an office, but cannot take their PC around with them to meetings. Lastly let us not forget the awesome pen that suits every designers needs from Photoshop to CAD, If you rely on a tablet like a WACOM, then the Switch could replace that with its pencil functionality.

Those of you who are looking for something else, take a look at our full guide of every device announced at the Acer Global Press Conference last week HERE.

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