Prey is a great game that combines many of our favourite genres in a brand new alien powered first person shooter. As with all games where dark, evil alienoid creatures are permanently trying to kill you – a little help never goes amiss. We put together our 5 top tips to help you stay alive in Prey.

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Read Everyone’s Email

Many games offer you the chance to dive a little deeper into background stories through audio logs, emails, and notes. In Prey, however, you really want to read all the personal emails that you can. They often have access codes for locked doors, side objectives and sometimes even maps of the area to download. Although you may play games to get away from your work life – reading email is a great way to give yourself an advantage in Prey.


Watch Out For Mimics

This seems pretty straightforward, but always keep a beady eye open for duplicate items; two coffee cups under one coffee machine or two staplers on a desk? A surprise Mimic can really do some damage both to your character as well as your nerves while playing Prey!


Conserve Your Ammo

Prey has a crafting system that allows you to collect and recycle objects and then manufacture weapons and ammo from fabricators, but this takes a bit of work. Make sure you conserve the ammo for some of the more powerful weapons in Prey like the Phantom or Nightmare. Using the shotgun for these guys makes things a lot easier. Conserve, survive, thrive.


Keep Your Suit In Top Shape

Think of your suit as a shield, it needs to be in top condition in order to be most effective. If your suit is damaged in Prey it will deflect less of your enemies damage. This also means that you will need to use more medical tools and just have a harder time in general. Keep your suit repaired by using Suit Repair tools collected around the world or manufactured if you get the blueprint for them.


Keep Your GLOO Cannon Top Of Mind

While the GLOO weapon doesn’t apply any damage, it is a great tool for a wide range of situations freezing fast moving enemies in their tracks making them more susceptible to a well-timed wrench swing. This is even more useful around turrets – immobile targets are easy to dispatch with a turret. Don’t forget the GLOO cannon also provides interesting traversal opportunities for climbing up walls.

Are you playing Prey? What are you doing to stay alive?


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