The year is 2037 and the world is at war. The planet is ravaged, and the only source of a precious lifesaving serum is deep in the dense jungle of the South American nation of Selva de Fuego. Exploiting this is the guerrilla Phoenix Industries, who are harbouring the elixir for themselves. The WSO (World Security Organization) have tasked a hardened squad of mercenaries to retrieve the serum by any means necessary. That’s where you come in in Mobile Warfare. You are a hardened mercenary with years of combat expertise at your fingertips. The only way to save the world is to storm the Selva de Fuego headquarters of the rogue Phoenix Industries and obtain a lifesaving serum that is the key to humanity’s salvation. That’s if you’re up to the job.

At least that’s the premise of the Soldiers Inc. Mobile Warfare game, available across Android and iOS devices, for you to take on the mission to save humankind. The game, tailor-made for the mobile experience, pits your wits against your opponents – and your allies – in order to come out on top, strategically. The mobile component of Mobile Warfare allows the game to be played in short, sharp bursts wherever you are, without the need for a lengthy sitting down and logging in procedure.    

Mobile gaming has already surpassed PC and console gaming in terms of revenue. The market is valued at $7.5bn in the US in 2017 already – with strategy games leading the pack. 63.7 million already play mobile games, and 18% play them at work! Plus, the mobile platform as a key gaming platform is already scheduled to continue its rise in revenue with steady growth predicted to 2020. So the platform is right where it needs to be.  

Being set 20 years in the future provides Mobile Warfare with a huge scope for what could be considered plausible technology for the time. But, the nature of how the world has changed also enables the realism that makes war games so fascinating – the solitary man versus nature and the enemy. By keeping the roots of warfare as they would be in a non-futuristic war, but also scaling arsenal of weapons and vehicles up, the mix allows for an interesting contrast in Mobile Warfare.

Mobile Warfare brings in classic gameplay elements of supremacy – fortifying bases, deploying troops, tactically thinking of the next strategic manoeuvre – which adds a logical element to really get you invested in Mobile Warfare. If it were merely shoot and kill as fast as you can, it would likely not hook you as well as Soldiers Inc. Mobile Warfare does.       

The strategic elements spread over to the real world – if you act diplomatically, you can create alliances with other players in order to control the serum. The game employs as many of the real war tactical decisions as it can, while also throwing in the shoot and kill that makes playing these games so satisfying.

Mobile Warfare really does encompass the benefits of strategic board games and long-play PC games, with the efficiency afforded by the mobile platform to enable players a complete experience.

Soldiers Inc. Mobile Warfare: Mobile Warfare Galore
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