Ken, Barbie’s companion, has been rocking the same look for far too long. Mattel, the makers of Barbie and Ken have decided to give this beloved toy a much-needed millennial makeover.

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The new and improved Ken comes after Barbie was recently upgraded to include more skin tones, eye colours, hair colours and styles and body types. The new Ken dolls will come in three body types: broad, slim, and original. The new dolls come in five different skin tone too, with many different variations available. This is a very welcomed upgrade, since the Ken dolls haven’t received much of an update or many variants when the companion doll first hit the toy market nearly 60 years ago.


The new millennial Ken and Barbie have very hip hairstyles, with a manbun option, cornrows and a mermaid blue hair colour option. The new hairstyles embrace many cool current hair trends and cater for a wider range of ethnicities.

The best part about these iconic dolls getting updated, is that there are different race and body-type options. This gives children a chance to play with a doll that makes them feel included and represented as much as possible.

The popular doll and her companions have received some criticism in the past for not being inclusive enough and forcing unrealistic expectations on children in terms of their looks, race and body type. Now it seems like Barbie, Ken and the rest of the crew are not only representing a larger, more realistic part of the population, but their looks have also been updated to be more trendy.

Did you play with Barbie and Ken when you were a child? Would you let your children play with these dolls now? What do you think about the new variants of Barbie and her crew? Drop us a comment below and let us know.

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