The much anticipated Destiny 2 beta begins in a couple of days and Guardians around the world are waiting very patiently to get into the sequel to one of our most beloved games of all time. What does the Destiny 2 beta have in store for us you may ask, and how does one even get into it if you have not pre-ordered the game?

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We answer all your Destiny 2 beta questions.

When Does Destiny 2 Beta Begin

While the Destiny 2 beta may seem to be exclusive to players who have pre-ordered the game, this is actually the complete opposite. Sure there is an Early Access phase to the Destiny 2 beta, but come 21 July the Destiny 2 beta will be available for all players across PS4 and Xbox One to play.

  • 18 July 19:00 SA Time – PS4 Early Access Beta starts
  • 19 July 19:00 SA Time – Xbox One Early Access Beta starts
  • 21 July 19:00 SA Time – PS4 and Xbox One open beta begins
  • 23 July 06:00 SA time – Console beta ends
  • August 2017 – PC beta begins

As you can see whether or not you pre-ordered the game in order to play the Destiny 2 beta is irrelevant as it will be available to you as an open beta on 21 July. The Destiny 2 beta weighs in at 12GB on both PS4 and Xbox One so make sure you download the beta as soon as you can in order to be ready for launch time.

What Can I Do In The Destiny 2 Beta?

Bungie has officially spilled the beans on what we can expect from the Destiny 2 beta when it launches. Various activities like the opening mission “Homecoming” can be played with three friends, as well as the Inverted Spire Strike which is one of the early Strikes in the game.

We then also have the PvP content which will see Guardians head into the Crucible to fight in two game modes called “Countdown” which is a new mode, and of course the classic “Control” mode. These two modes have been specifically re-built for Destiny 2 and the map which we will be playing these matches on has also been built specifically for these modes.

On Sunday 23 July at 19 PM SA time, Guardians will be allowed to enter the brand new social space in Destiny 2 called “The Farm” for one hour. During this hour players will be able to walk around the area, discover all the hidden nooks and crannies, and of course, interact with all the NPCs that will be your guiding light during your adventure. These include the Postmaster, the new Crucible quest giver and much more. Keep in mind that this is will only be open for one hour on Sunday so be sure to wake up and be ready to explore it before you miss the opportunity.

What Will I Not Be Able To Do In The Destiny 2 Beta?

There will be a few limitations to the Destiny 2 beta, unfortunately. These limitations are mainly due to the mechanics not being ready for the Destiny 2 beta environment and rather has been put on hold until the final release. The Destiny 2 beta will not have clan support at all, meaning you will not be able to make use of the Guided Gams feature or the dedicated clan support where your clan name is represented on your emblems.

There will also be limited character progression in the Destiny 2 beta which means that you can expect that each sub-class will be maxed out without any real progression paths to go down. You will have to just deal with a limited character for the time being.

Exclusive Destiny 2 Beta Rewards

Last but not least, all Destiny 2 beta players will get a sleek new emblem when the main game releases in September 2017. This emblem will show other players that you participated in the Destiny 2 beta and they did not (sad face). Destiny 2

So there you have it. The Destiny 2 beta sounds pretty cool, right? We cannot wait to grab some friends and head into the Strikes and Crucible. Will you be playing the Destiny 2 beta? Let us know in the comments below.

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