The iPhone is a very diverse device, and its advanced iOS gives it tons of features that you probably have never heard of. Here are simple iPhone life hacks that will help you get more from your device.

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Fix Siri’s Word Pronunciation

Siri might be the world’s most advanced digital companion, but it doesn’t always pronounce everything correctly. When this happens, you can just tell Siri that it is doing a terrible job and fix the words it pronounced wrong.

iPhone Life Hacks

This is one of the iPhone life hacks that works for everything really, even names of places, and internet searches.

Word Passcode

Words are often easier to remember than number codes, and if you are one to forget numbers, then this is one of the iPhone life hacks you’ll really appreciate. If you want to use a word to unlock your iPhone or iPad instead of a passcode, there is a way to do it.

iPhone Life Hacks

In order to do this, you will need to head into Settings > Touch ID & Password > Change Passcode > Passcode options – and choose to use a “custom alphanumeric code”. Enter the word you would like to use, do it again to confirm it, and you are done. Your iOS device is now locked with a word instead of a code.

Delete Unwanted Stock Apps

iOS was very similar to Android a while back, where you could not delete apps that came with the device. After years of complaints from users not being able to get rid of apps like the Newstand, and Apple Watch App, Apple now gives you better control over what your device’s home screen looks like.

iPhone Hacks

To delete an unwanted stock app like iBooks, Apple Watch, HomeKit etc, all you need to do is hold down on the app and delete it as you would a normal app. This frees up space as well as gives your home screen a cleaner look and feel. You can always redownload the app from the App Store when you want it again.

Charge Battery Faster

iPhone Hacks

One of the most useful iPhone life hacks on this list lets you charge you iPhone faster than ever. If you are in a hurry and need to get a few percentage into your battery before you leave, put your iPhone into Airplane mode to stop all Wi-Fi and cellular transfer while you charge. It will charge your phone faster as the device won’t be doing anything to drain battery power.

Download Entire Apple Music Library At Once

Although Apple Music is a great service, it has its issues at times. One of these is when you remove your Apple ID off your iPhone, or sync your device with iTunes and it deletes all your downloaded music off Apple Music as a result. One of the iPhone life hacks allows you to download all your music from Apple Music at once.

iPhone Life Hacks

What you want to do is create a Smart Playlist on iTunes and set the Smart Playlist to only add songs with a greater time of 0:00. It will then add every song you have into that playlist. You then sync your device so that the playlist appears on your iPhone, and once that is done, open the Music App and download the Playlist which will then download all your songs at once.

Ask Siri What Song is Playing

iPhone Hacks

There is nothing worse than you hear an awesome song on the radio and have no idea who sings it. Siri does thanks to its built-in Shazam support. Say “Hey Siri, what song is playing”.

Do Not Disturb Mode

If your phone never stops pinging with notifications and calls, we know how it feels and sometimes we need a break. The Do No Disturb mode will let you block calls and texts for a certain amount of time on your device. You can find this feature in the Setting App.

iPhone Hacks

Head over to the app and adjust the feature to suit your needs. You can have it activate automatically every night at a certain time, as well as allow calls from certain people. This is one of the iPhone life hacks that is a great way to get away from work for a while.

Recover Lost Photos

A few years ago when you deleted a photo, it would have been lost forever. This has changed. Now, deleted photos go into a specific folder and stay there for 30 days before being deleted automatically permanently.

iPhone Life Hacks

To recover a deleted photo, head into your Photo App and go to the “recently deleted” folder. Here you can choose photos that you want to recover, or ones that you want to get rid of forever.

 3D Touch Shortcuts

This is one of the iPhone life hacks you can only use from the iPhone 6S and up. 3D Touch features the ability to use the entire screen as a pressure button. This means that when you apply pressure to the screen on an app or setting, it will give you shortcuts that you can use to get around faster.

iPhone Life Hacks

Always make sure to use these features as you hold down the screen to bring up shortcuts. For example, pressing down on the photo app will bring up shortcuts to go straight into a selfie cam, start recording a video, and even record slo-mo. Play around with the 3D touch on various things, you will be surprised how much it helps.

Swipe, It Helps

One of the most simple but useful iPhone life hacks is the swipe down feature across the board. Any app you are in be it Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and even the Photo App, lets you quickly close the post and photo you are on by just swiping down.

iPhone Hacks

When you are on a website, swipe from the left and right of your screen to quickly go back and forward from different pages you visited, the same goes for Facebook. The swipe feature makes getting around a breeze.

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