When you’re searching for the ideal device to suit your lifestyle, smartphone memory, and storage may not seem like the sexiest features to fawn over. But as your smartphone moves to take the place of your digital camera, MP3 player, portable gaming console, GPS and on-the-go entertainment system, these two features are certainly something you’ll have to consider before buying a new device.

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While the new LG G6 smartphone features an SD slot and comes with a 64GB SD card (for a combined total of 96GB of internal and expandable memory), many other flagship smartphones do not – forcing you to make some difficult decisions when you run out of internal smartphone memory.

Do you delete those amazing photos from your last holiday or your kids’ birthday videos? Maybe you’d be willing to sacrifice an app or two until you can free up some space? With so much of our daily lives relying on our smartphones, we don’t think you should have to make any sacrifices.

The most obvious reason to go with a smartphone that offers large and flexible storage options is not only because we’re using more apps than ever, but also that the apps we use are getting bigger. System-level apps like Google Play Services can suck up as much as 500MB all by themselves. The Google app uses around 250MB, and your favourite social media offerings like Snapchat and Facebook Messenger use between 100MB and 200MB. WhatsApp tends to come with an enormous archive of videos, photos and chat histories, while data caches for apps like Chrome, Instagram and Twitter can add hundreds of megabytes after only a few months of use. With the LG G6’s 96GB of storage, this won’t be a problem even for the most active app users.

96GB of memory, incidentally, is also enough storage for 32 000 images, or over 23 000 songs, so you’ll never miss a chance to take advantage of the G6’s dual 13MP rear cameras and wide-angle front camera, while jamming to your favourite music.

Today’s digital natives are no longer mere consumers of media – they’re storytellers and content creators in their own right. They deserve a smartphone that embodies their lifestyle and enables self-expression – and the G6 fits the bill perfectly.

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